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By Cliff Saran Jul 21, 2015

Microsoft pushes portability of experience with latest Visual Studio

Microsoft has been focused on making its own applications portable – now it wants Windows developers writing cross-platform. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 14, 2015

RAD Studio XE8: A mobile app development tool

RAD Studio XE8 from Embarcadero is a mobile app development tool for the creation of native and cross-platform apps used on today's popular mobile devices. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Jul 15, 2015

Metropolis Studios runs music business expansion on FileMaker

Metropolis Studios has turned to FileMaker 14 to run the functional and creative sides of its business, replacing SAP Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Apr 30, 2015

Microsoft tempts cross-platform developers with free Visual Studio

Microsoft has extended Visual Studio to Mac and Linux developers Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Dec 10, 2014

Cloud bursting saves the day for visual effects studio

A digital effects studio uses Amazon Web Services for extra render farm capacity -- without administering individual EC2 instances. Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford Evaluate Feb 18, 2015

IncrediBuild 6.0 cranks up speed with Visual Studio, visualization support

IncrediBuild 6.0 offers customers several improvements over previous versions, including faster builds made possible by making use of idle CPU. Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Feb 06, 2015


By Kayleigh Bateman Sep 16, 2014

Kuato Studios teaches JavaScript through gaming

How Kuato Studios is inspiring children to code through gaming Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Dec 05, 2014

Oracle builds up cloud engineering team, updates Solaris Studio

Oracle added another high-level exec to its cloud engineering team, released Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 and continued its legal battle with Oregon's state government. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Evaluate Jul 29, 2014