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On-premises to Azure AD synchronization tips for success

By Nirmal Sharma 30 Nov 2017

There are benefits to synchronizing on-premises AD users to Azure AD, but to do so effectively, you need to fully understand the process and the restrictions associated with it. Read More

Journey to the center of a successful VDI project plan

By Kelly M. Stewart 29 Nov 2017

Not all VDI projects turn out to be winners. Stay on the good side of a VDI deployment by creating a strong plan and using a pilot for testing, with a focus on user experience. Read More

Four mobile app KPIs to measure success

By Eric Klein 14 Nov 2017

Businesses use KPIs to measure performance and operational efficiency. When it comes to developing and delivering mobile apps to users, several metrics can help. Read More

Install Ubuntu Core successfully with these steps

By Jack Wallen 06 Sep 2017

An Ubuntu Core installation can often prove tricky for IT teams. Use these step-by-step instructions to properly install the platform for a more secure Docker environment. Read More

Why a stellar HR technology strategy is a must for success

By Albert McKeon 07 Nov 2017

You want people management success and a competitive edge, not HR technology disasters. Here's advice on how to avoid the latter and win the talent war. Read More

Businesses must change culture to be successful with analytics

By Zach Emmanuel 19 Oct 2017

Research has shown that business must go through a culture change from the very top if they are to be successful with data analytics Read More

Visual collaboration software needs seven pillars for success

By Nick Brown 17 Oct 2017

A virtual workspace can foster visual collaboration among distributed teams of workers. But seven elements need to come together for a successful rollout. Read More

The nine best ways to boost workplace mindfulness success

By James A. Martin 10 Oct 2017

A corporate mindfulness program can help your employees become more productive and can support your wellness efforts. Here's a look at how to get it right. Read More

Key software development trends to drive business success

09 Oct 2017

In this e-guide, you will learn more about leveraging DevOps to automate processes between development and IT teams, the importance of testing to keep internet of things devices safe from prying eyes and how one ... Read More

Collaborative lifecycle management is a key to IoT success

By Dean Hamilton 07 Dec 2017

To address IoT challenges and reduce IoT complexity, developers should embrace collaborative lifecycle management and continuous engineering technologies. Read More