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By Craig Mathias Evaluate Dec 23, 2015

How to work successfully with WLAN controllers

Today, WLAN controllers are among the most important systems for modern users, but they do present challenges. Watch this webcast and learn how to overcome them. Continue Reading


By Jim Mortleman Dec 21, 2015

The secrets of self-service success

As more organisations explore self-service IT systems, we look at what it takes to use the technology effectively Continue Reading


By Maribel Lopez Get Started Feb 09, 2016

Three steps to a successful mobile initiative

A successful mobile initiative requires changes to core business process -- an obstacle that's hard, but not impossible, to overcome. Continue Reading


By Matt Heusser Manage Jan 26, 2016

The secrets of successful Lean software testing

Are you overwhelmed by Lean software testing options? Expert Matthew Heusser explains in detail how to get your team on the Lean bandwagon. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 27, 2016

Security is crucial to IoT market success

Growth of the internet of things will be slowed or stunted if the industry fails to be proactive about data security, according to IoT Security Foundation Continue Reading


By Gabe Knuth Evaluate Jan 26, 2016

Pricing adjustments position Citrix Workspace Cloud for success

Citrix aimed high -- too high -- with its initial Workspace Cloud pricing. The company wisely announced it will lower CWC costs before VMware comes out with its competitor product Project Enzo. Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Jan 15, 2016

Four ways to build a successful CIO-CEO relationship

Digital business is having a profound effect on the CIO-CEO relationship. Here's how CIOs can seize the moment. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Jan 13, 2016

DevOps success requires business and cultural shift

Cultural resistance and immature tools are limiting companies’ ability to ride the digitisation wave with streams of software-driven initiatives Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 11, 2015

SQL on Hadoop sees success

Some things just go well together, whether they were originally intended to or not. Peanut butter and jelly were probably invented by different people, but now they are most often found squished together between ... Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Evaluate Dec 24, 2015

Seek alternate tools for successful DevOps in AWS

Putting DevOps to work in any environment is complicated. For DevOps in AWS, developers can look to an arsenal of third-party tools. Continue Reading