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By Eeva Haaramo Jun 17, 2015

Finland's F-Secure backs Nordic expertise

F-secure is betting on Nordic IT security skills as it buys Danish firm Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 27, 2003

System/user-specific ActiveX settings

Whether an input-help is displayed as search help control or an R/3 dialog box is determined by the F4 help system/user-specific ActiveX settings. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 16, 2014

Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit: Advanced Analysis Techniques for Windows 8, Fourth Edition

In this excerpt of Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit, author Harlan Carvey discusses what Volume Shadow Copies are and how they affect forensic analysis in Windows 8. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Apr 10, 2015

UK firms must purge Beebone after botnet downed

UK firms should purge computers of Beebone malware after botnet downed in international operation, says security advocate Get Safe Online Continue Reading


By Rivka Gewirtz Little News Aug 08, 2014

F5 SDN: Why ADCs are relevant in a programmable world

Should we be shocked that there's an F5 SDN 'solution'? No. Every vendor in the data center has one. But at this year's Agility Conference, F5 outlined the role of application optimization in a software-defined, ... Continue Reading


By Robert McFarlane Manage Oct 27, 2014

Changes down the pipe for data center chiller operation

What goes into your data center chiller might be warmer than expected, as energy use reduction efforts threaten the capacity of CRAHs and other cooling systems. Continue Reading


By Aislyn Fredsall News Jul 06, 2015

Is consumer data privacy at risk under cybersecurity legislation?

#GRCChat participants discuss how cybersecurity legislation could hurt data privacy and what personal information protections should be included in the new rules. Continue Reading


By Rob Livingstone Evaluate Feb 27, 2014

Clean ERP before new budgeting and forecasting software: Yes or no?

Rob Livingstone explains how to decide whether or not to get ERP data in order before implementing new budgeting, planning and forecasting software. Continue Reading


May 04, 2015

Asynchronously invoking a second managed bean method in JavaSever Faces (JSF)

The new features added to JSF make doing an asynchronous call to the server incredibly easy, but what if you need to follow that first asynchronous call with a second asynchronous call to a JavaServer Faces managed... Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Get Started Jun 19, 2015

The first steps to use SIMD instructions on mainframes

SIMD instructions in the z13 vector extension facility accelerate processing of social media and big data workloads. Continue Reading