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table: In computer programming, a table is a data structure used to organize information, just as it is on ...

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By Basit Farooq Evaluate Sep 21, 2015

Comparing memory-optimized tables and disk-based tables

In all tests performed by expert Basit Farooq, memory-optimized tables outperformed disk-based tables by running faster and generating less disk I/O. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Aug 06, 2015

Cloud encryption key management becomes table stakes

Encryption key management has become table stakes for cloud vendors, but bringing your own key isn't always the right move. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 17, 2015

Ofcom: Openreach future is on the table

Ofcom chief executive Sharon White says she will consider the future of Openreach as a BT business in a major review of the telco industry Continue Reading


By David Strom Get Started May 11, 2015

The moving target defense: Turning the tables on polymorphic malware

Security startups are using the techniques of polymorphic malware to better protect enterprises. Expert David Strom explores the moving target defense. Continue Reading


Mar 24, 2015

Nordic nations dominate Europe's digital league table

The EC's Digital Economy and Society Index ranked Denmark, Sweden and Finland as first, second and fourth most digital European nation Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin Get Started Jan 20, 2015

SQL Server database recovery tool retrieves by the table

Kroll Ontrack's new SQL Server database recovery tool was developed from customer feedback. It recovers selected tables instead of the whole database. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Jun 24, 2014

Unilever puts SAP at the captain’s table

Consumer goods company Unilever works hand in glove with SAP in “speeding up its growth”, according to senior executives at the two firms Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Oct 17, 2013

Using SQL Server Management Studio Table Designer to create a table

Creating a table correctly in SQL Server can be pretty tricky, but using SQL Server Management Studio Table Designer makes it easier. Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Manage Feb 05, 2013

Managing SQL parent table-child table relations

Managing parent table-child table relations in Oracle SQL environments is key to efficient programming. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 23, 2014

US startup aims to turn tables on hackers

US startup Shape Security is turning the tables against hackers by using one of their own techniques against them Continue Reading