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table: In computer programming, a table is a data structure used to organize information, just as it is on ...

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Get started Feb 07, 2007

Table variables

Table variables are similar to temporary tables and are declared using the table data type. This following book excerpt contains further explanations and examples for declaring table variables when working T-SQL ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 11, 2003

Analyzing tables

What are the largest tables in your database? Find out here! Continue Reading


Problem solve May 16, 2002

Finding Tables

Two ways of finding the tables where are the data that you need. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 26, 2001

Copy table dynamically

This program permits to create or update lines from source table to target table with create internal tables dynamically. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 31, 2002

User & authorization related tables

User and Authorization system related tables. Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Evaluate Jun 06, 2006

Releasing table lock

How to release a table lock? Continue Reading


Nov 09, 2004

Using TEMP tables

This tip explains the pros and cons associated with TEMP tables, as opposed to regular tables. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 18, 2006

Constraints on user tables

How to get information about constraints posed on user tables? Continue Reading


By Matthew Billingham Problem solve Dec 20, 2006

Creating table transaction programs

The Table Maintenance Generator makes it easy to create table transaction programs in SAP, says expert Matt Billingham. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 01, 2004

Avoiding table fragmentation

This code will help you identify candidates for table reorg. Continue Reading