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Conversations: Open source: a remedy for IT recession

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By Valerie Silverthorne Evaluate Nov 30, 2016

Why we all need to take a deep breath

Dave West, CEO of, is the perfect person to talk with when you feel the sky is falling. We chatted a few weeks back, when it seemed that everything -- in technology and in the world -- ... Continue Reading


By Jesse Scardina News Nov 08, 2016

Microsoft Teams takes aim at Slack

Microsoft's new collaboration tool makes sense for Office 365 customers, but it would be a tough sell for companies using a different platform and alternate chat tool. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Oct 25, 2016

Mobile apps to take over HR technology

Smartphone apps are the next frontier for human resources technology, according to HR technology analyst Josh Bersin Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Oct 11, 2016

Alsbridge Australia is taking root

IT outsourcing and robotic automation firm Alsbridge now has presences in three cities in the ANZ region Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Oct 09, 2016

SearchHealthIT takes on Dreamforce

I thought the annual Healthcare Information Management Systems Society conference was overwhelming, with the constant stream of people, enormous exhibition hall, and many sessions to attend. ... Continue Reading


By Bob Tarzey Aug 01, 2016

Take the initiative on digitisation

We look at what is available to help businesses further digitise their operations to improve service, efficiency and profit Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Evaluate Dec 01, 2016

Take control of Windows tasks with TaskSchedulerView

If admins notice any issues with tasks running on Windows, they can turn to NirSoft's TaskSchedulerView to pinpoint the culprit and fix the problems. Continue Reading


Nov 22, 2016

Dutch IT ministry needed to take digital lead

Whenever the media covers a failed Dutch government IT project, the question is always asked whether the government should have a ministry of IT Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Sep 14, 2016

Crest takes over NSA Cira accreditation

Crest hopes to grow the accreditation programme into a global initiative to certify cyber response capabilities Continue Reading


By Sue Hildreth Evaluate Nov 14, 2016

How to take charge of solving your manufacturing skills gap

Some experts predict that 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade, but not all leaders are resigned to that bleak statistic. Here's what they're doing. Continue Reading