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testing: In general, testing is finding out how well something works.

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By Gerie Owen Evaluate Sep 22, 2016

Software testing in the cloud? Meet testing as a service

Testing as a service offers the flexibility to test applications in almost any type of cloud combination you'd need. Expert tester Gerie Owen explains how it works. Continue Reading


By Paul Crocetti Manage Aug 31, 2016

Business recovery plans: Testing, testing ... your knowledge

How well do you know business recovery planning? Try a handful of questions on some of its different elements and learn how the procedure can help your organization. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Get Started Oct 13, 2016

How to time and streamline software test planning

No one likes creating test time estimates, but they are helpful for the QA team. Expert Amy Reichert shares the right questions to ask to make planning easier. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Oct 03, 2016

What is ‘scenario centric’ application testing?

Developer-enriched updates don’t come much more code-centric than Restlet’s news this month. The firm has just upped its Restlet DHC API testing tool -- software that exists to helps DevOps teams ... Continue Reading


By Steve Broadhead News Mar 16, 2016

Testing The Testers...

This week I have to host a panel debate on "stress testing cloud applications and infrastructure" at Netevents in Rome (I know - it's tough, but someone's got to do it...). One of the areas to ... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Sep 02, 2016

Chiltern Railways to test Bluetooth ticketing

Train operator has put a new spin on contactless ticketing by enabling it through mobile phones Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Aug 19, 2016

Windows Self-Healing Tool in Test

The Windows Self-Healing Tool for Windows 10 Anniversary Update is currently in test, and attempts to fix various freezing issues some users have reported. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Evaluate Oct 19, 2016

Test yourself: Global IT spending trends and outlook

IT spending in 2016, which was first expected to dip, will finish the year level with 2015. Take this quiz and see if you know what the experts are predicting for the next few years. Continue Reading


By Mike Pfeiffer Get Started Oct 18, 2016

These steps in the test automation process quash IT surprises

Automated testing ranges from rapid unit tests to production-mimicking performance tests. If you're deploying new code frequently, make sure you have the right test automation. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Manage Oct 04, 2016

Test your knowledge of mobile VDI access

Users require access to virtual resources on their mobile devices. IT can manage VDI on smartphones and tablets using authentication methods, individual virtual app delivery and more. Continue Reading