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testing: In general, testing is finding out how well something works.

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By Yvette Francino Get Started Sep 14, 2015

A primer on automated API testing

Not sure where to begin with automated API testing? Expert Yvette Francino demystifies the process from start to finish. Continue Reading


Sep 25, 2015

How to fully test IT networks for vulnerabilities

Making sure a company network is secure is a very important task, and one that should be scheduled regularly Continue Reading


By John Scarpino Manage Sep 09, 2015

Seven ways to know when to automate testing

Everyone wants automation, but knowing when to automate testing is the trick. Expert John Scarpino gives you seven questions to ask. Continue Reading


By Fred Churchville Get Started Aug 12, 2015

Test your knowledge on code refactoring

Code refactoring has been heralded as an effective way to modernize applications, especially for mobile. Take this quiz to find out what you really know. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 07, 2015

What to look for when buying the latest application testing tools

Before purchasing application testing tools, you need to know how to evaluate them. Trial versions, vendor research and assessing your organization's needs may help. Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 07, 2015

Does your enterprise need application testing tools?

Experts Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen present use cases for three categories of application testing tools you need to know: automation, bug tracking and coverage. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 05, 2015

Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices

In this excerpt of Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices, author Philip Polstra describes "The Deck" -- a custom Linux distribution -- that breaks the traditional penetration model by providing pen... Continue Reading


By Yvette Francino Evaluate Jul 31, 2015

Use Agile software testing principles to plan your tests

An expert walks you through two Agile software testing methods so you can choose an Agile testing strategy that best fits your needs. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Get Started Oct 05, 2015

Test your knowledge of hyper-converged infrastructure for VDI

Prove how well you know hyper-converged infrastructure with our quiz on vendor offerings, hardware upgrades, the contents of an HCI stack and more. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jun 01, 2015

Why a COTS package requires testing

Buying COTS systems doesn't necessarily mean security. Learn why COTS testing is needed. Continue Reading