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testing: In general, testing is finding out how well something works.

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Oct 29, 2015


By Yvette Francino Get Started Sep 14, 2015

A primer on automated API testing

Not sure where to begin with automated API testing? Expert Yvette Francino demystifies the process from start to finish. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Get Started Oct 27, 2015

Understand the importance of a mobile testing strategy

By 2017 users will have downloaded 270 billion mobile apps. Gerie Owen explains what every tester must understand about developing a mobile testing strategy. Continue Reading


Sep 25, 2015

How to fully test IT networks for vulnerabilities

Making sure a company network is secure is a very important task, and one that should be scheduled regularly Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Manage Nov 24, 2015

The secret to asking the right usability testing questions

In the brave new world of software testing, usability can be overwhelming. Expert Gerie Owen guides us through asking the right usability testing questions. Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 24, 2015

Four pen testing tools for improving midmarket security

The best approach for penetration testing is to use a combination of tools with different approaches. Here are several pen testing tools for midmarket companies. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Get Started Nov 23, 2015

How do I prepare for a software testing job?

A software testing job can be an exciting, rewarding and flexible choice. Expert tester Gerie Owen details what you'll need to do in order to begin. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Evaluate Nov 18, 2015

Do you have to choose between smoke and regression tests?

Software testing options abound. In the battle of smoke versus regression tests, which scenario fits best? Expert Amy Reichert explains how and when to use both for the best results. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Nov 17, 2015

How do I know if I'm cut out for a software testing job?

Do you wonder about the software testing field? Expert tester Gerie Owen knows exactly what kinds of traits and skills are required for success in this area. Continue Reading


By John Scarpino Manage Sep 09, 2015

Seven ways to know when to automate testing

Everyone wants automation, but knowing when to automate testing is the trick. Expert John Scarpino gives you seven questions to ask. Continue Reading