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testing: In general, testing is finding out how well something works.

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By Kevin Beaver Get Started Mar 24, 2015

Software security testing: Where to start

For those of us new to software security testing, it can be an intimidating field of study. Where do the veterans suggest we begin? Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started Mar 26, 2015

Testing, testing -- anyone need a vSphere home lab?

To stay on top of the latest changes and new features in vSphere, there are several options for lab environments. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Manage Mar 24, 2015

Testing APIs protects applications and reputations

When testing public APIs, test expert Johanna Rothman recommends testing API functionality, endpoint security and, above all, proper connectivity. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Mar 16, 2015

Is test data management a better career choice than test automation?

Specializing in test data management or test automation may not be the career for you. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Evaluate Mar 05, 2015

Testing techniques for data exchanges and interoperability

Testing data exchanges involves the ability to view, track and verify messages, among other things. Here are techniques for testing data exchanges. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Get Started Feb 26, 2015

Which database tools for testing should we choose?

Which database tools for testing should we choose? Learn about tools for testing and data analysis. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 26, 2015

Ways to ease API testing constraints

At DevWeek 2015, Spencer Debrosse discusses ways to maneuver around API testing issues with automation and DevOps team strategies. Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 23, 2014

Guide to cloud application testing

Learn how to manage and test cloud application in this essential guide. Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 16, 2014

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

In this excerpt of Social Engineering Penetration Testing, the authors outline what phishing attacks are and outline how these attacks work using multiple real-world examples. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Feb 03, 2015

Test and verify a remote desktop update

Once you've successfully migrated Remote Desktop Services, it's time to test the upgrade and make sure it works properly. Continue Reading