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By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Aug 25, 2015

What third-party Azure management tools should I use?

SCOM 2012 is Azure's native monitoring platform, but these third-party cloud management tools give IT shops more control over their Azure environments. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Manage Aug 04, 2015

Developing an IAM strategy for third-party vendors

This Beyond the Page informs InfoSec pros of the security concerns related to third-party vendor access, and how an enterprise IAM strategy can help. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Aug 03, 2015

Is third-party access the next IAM frontier?

Identity and access management of employees is so complex that many companies have faltered when it comes to securing programs for trusted partners. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Aug 26, 2015

Many firms not getting to grips with third-party data security risk

Supply chain data security risk is pervasive, but being unable to deal with it is down to basic failings, says a cyber risk expert Continue Reading


News Aug 04, 2015

Is third-party vendor management the next IAM frontier?

Identity and access management deployments are notoriously complex. And things are getting worse as legacy technology meets next-generation applications. As the traditional network perimeter continues to disappear,... Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News May 08, 2015

AWS cloud management smoothed by third-party tool

An AWS shop turned to a product from an AWS premier partner to collect, correlate and manage the data produced by native Amazon tools. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Jul 23, 2015

Third-party risk management: Avoid the dangers of weak controls

If you know where the risk points are, you can request additional safeguards to protect the system and data access of trusted business partners. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Apr 24, 2015

Goldman Sachs invests in more third-party IT

After its $15m investment in startup Kensho, Goldman Sachs has invested $20m in high-frequency trading firm Perseus Continue Reading


By Maxim Tamarov News Apr 10, 2015

Chrome security under fire from third-party extension

Security researchers say Webpage Screenshot, a popular third-party extension for Google Chrome, was secretly collecting end-user browsing data. Its true purpose and how Google missed it remain up for debate. Continue Reading


By Basit Farooq Evaluate Jul 01, 2015

Top three third-party SQL Server security auditing tools

For most companies, SQL Server's security auditing tools aren't always enough to meet regulation requirements. The answer is third-party products. Continue Reading