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By Joseph Flahiff Manage Mar 29, 2016

Three keys to a good business reorganization

The typical reorg evokes fear, stress and suspicion -- and kills productivity. Here's how to change that. Continue Reading


By Jim Merrifield Evaluate Apr 28, 2016

The state of three legal document management tools

Microsoft and other document management providers have updated their software to meet the needs of the legal industry. Here's how. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Kristen Lee Get Started Apr 15, 2016

IoT for healthcare: Three use cases

IoT for healthcare still has a long way to go. However, one CIO believes it will have a massive impact, especially in three areas. Continue Reading


By Maribel Lopez Get Started Feb 09, 2016

Three steps to a successful mobile initiative

A successful mobile initiative requires changes to core business process -- an obstacle that's hard, but not impossible, to overcome. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Mar 29, 2016

Three security features to look for in DaaS providers

Concerns about cloud-hosted virtual desktop security are mostly overblown. IT should be okay as long as it evaluates DaaS providers by how well they ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Continue Reading


By Dejan Lukan ,Dan Sullivan ,Dave Shackleford Evaluate Mar 25, 2016

Three perspectives on cloud identity and access management

Identity access management (IAM) systems work to help keep security high by initiating, capturing, recording and managing user identities and access permissions. Cloud identity and access management systems can ... Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Mar 24, 2016

Urban broadband speeds three times higher than rural

Ofcom releases statistics on average broadband speeds in the UK and finds the gap in experience between town and country dwellers remains as wide as ever Continue Reading


By Fred Churchville News Mar 21, 2016

Developer Workforce Initiative: Three steps to generate more talent

How do we fix the developer talent shortage? Here's how the Application Developers Alliance plans to do so with three approaches. Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Mar 21, 2016

Three key ingredients of any data lake implementation

A data lake implementation can provide enormous flexibility for analyzing all types of external and internal data -- but not without these three requirements. Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo Manage Mar 18, 2016

Three ways to help users access mobile data

There's no shortage of enterprise file sync-and-sharing services available to provide mobile data access, but they're not the only option, and they're not right for every organization. Continue Reading