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Conversations: Are two storage tiers enough?

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By Ashish Nadkarni Get Started Jun 03, 2011

Automated tiering primer: How to implement auto tiering

In this podcast, Ashish Nadkarni discusses the ins and outs of automated storage tiering. Learn how to choose between manual tiering and auto tiering in your storage environment. Continue Reading


Apr 19, 2010

Tiered storage: The importance of data migration in storage tiering

We examine data migration and its role in a successful tiered storage strategy. Learn how to implement tiered storage and some of the business drivers behind storage tiering. Continue Reading


By Brian Peterson Problem Solve Mar 20, 2007

Tiered storage gone wrong

Avoid these common tiered storage mistakes. Contributor Brian Peterson also offers guidelines for determining an appropriate number of storage tiers. Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 02, 2009

The expanding tiered storage model

The tiered storage model is growing, with solid-state drives (SSDs) at the top and cloud backup at the bottom. Find out how these two storage tiers can fit into your storage infrastructure, and learn about changes ... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 16, 2006

Separate or combine tiers in SAN?

Storage expert Brad O'Neill discusses setting up tiered storage with a SAN. Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 06, 2011

Tiered storage model becomes more sophisticated

Explore some of our popular content on the tiered storage model and tiered storage technologies such as automated storage and sub-LUN tiering. Continue Reading


By Rick Cook Problem Solve Nov 06, 2003

Save money with tiered storage

With large differentiations between storage prices, a tiered approach might be best. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 17, 2009

Tiered storage tutorial

Find out what tiered storage is, the key technologies behind it, and how tiered storage can lower operational costs while improving application performance. Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Get Started Dec 31, 2013

Is there a difference between traditional tiering and sub-LUN tiering?

Sub-LUN tiering can help with performance in some environments, but according to analyst Jon Toigo, it can also get complicated with growing capacity. Continue Reading


By Evan Marcus Jun 08, 2005

Tiered storage options

A reader asks: "If you use a combination of Fibre Channel (FC) and FATA drives is the configuration one tier?" Continue Reading