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In general, a tier (pronounced TEE-er ; from the medieval French tire meaning rank, as in a line of ...Read More

Flash storage could end in tiers

By Nick Booth 25 Jul 2017

Flash storage was meant to mean all data was equal and could be accessed quickly but as Nick Booth finds out it hasn't quite happened like that Read More

Explore Docker vs. LXC through the lens of a three-tier app

By Alastair Cooke 13 Dec 2017

Containers are not small VMs, and they're not all the same under the hood. Understanding the nuanced differences between container types is the key to smart deployment choices. Read More

EMM-managed IoT versus 3-tier IoT

By Jack Madden 04 Dec 2017

The use cases may not all be horizontal or apply to typical office workers, but we finally can answer the question, "What does IoT mean to EUC?" Read More

Google Network Service Tiers grant cloud users more control

By Kurt Marko 22 Nov 2017

For cloud networking, do you prefer higher performance or opt for the lowest possible cost? New Google cloud network tiers let enterprises make that call. Read More

Caching vs. tiering: Comparing storage optimization techniques

By Logan G. Harbaugh 06 Jul 2017

There are many factors to consider when choosing between caching and tiering storage techniques to optimize storage. Knowing how and when to use either can make a big difference. Read More

Dell EMC-VMware distribution simplifies top-tier channel sales

By Spencer Smith 25 Aug 2017

The distributor agreement streamlines combined hardware and software deals for Dell EMC's Titanium and Titanium Black partners; other news from the week. Read More

Hedvig storage upgrade adds flash tier, encryption options

By Carol Sliwa 24 Aug 2017

Hedvig software-defined storage enables 'all-flash hybrids' by supporting tiering across different types of solid-state media inside of commodity hardware systems. Read More

SUSE appoints first UK&I top tier partner

By Simon Quicke 24 Aug 2017

Open source player SUSE has appointed its first top tier reseller rewarding a long standing partner that had shown commitment and expertise to the vendor and the technology Read More

Uptime Institute tier classification system faces new rivals

By Robert McFarlane 16 Aug 2017

Because the Uptime Institute focuses primarily on power and cooling, alternative data center certifications have emerged. Their chances of replacing Uptime, however, seem slim. Read More

AppDynamics partners get new two-tier channel program

11 Aug 2017

AppDynamics, a Cisco business unit that makes application performance monitoring software, has rolled out a new partner program; more news from the week. Read More