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By George Crump Evaluate Jan 23, 2015

Tiering vs. caching in flash-based storage systems

George Crump compares tiering and caching in flash-based storage systems and explains the pros and cons of each in this tip. Continue Reading


By Johna Till Johnson Evaluate Jan 12, 2015

VWAN threatens traditional three-tiered WAN design

With vWAN providers changing the traditional three-legged WAN structure, carriers need to develop new WAN plans and services using SDN and NFV to keep enterprises on their networks. Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Mar 25, 2015

IBM splits SoftLayer cloud storage into endurance, performance tiers

SoftLayer upgrades its IBM Cloud storage with services for granular performance management that calibrate IOPS to application needs. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Feb 26, 2015

NTS gets DotHill hybrid flash with tiering in datacentre revamp

The National Trust for Scotland has deployed a DotHill hybrid flash SAN with automated storage tiering to support a revamp of its IT systems Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 08, 2014

How to choose between tiering and caching for data acceleration

Caching and tiering are both good ways to speed up data access. Analyst Colm Keegan explains the factors to consider when deciding between the two. Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 26, 2014

Breaking the tier one storage habit with hybrid flash tiering

How can hybrid flash tiering decrease reliance on expensive tier one storage and improve performance? Independent storage expert Phil Goodwin shows us how in this tip. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Feb 10, 2015

Actifio One adds hybrid cloud storage tier to appliances

Actifio One adds hybrid cloud functionality to existing software and hardware appliances that slim multiple file iterations to fewest needed across the organisation Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Get Started Nov 12, 2014

Cut VMware deployment costs with hypervisor tiering

Using Hyper-V alongside your VMware deployment can cause some challenges but can also bring cost savings. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jan 28, 2015

Quantum StorNext adds Q-Cloud as AWS archiving tier

Built into its StorNext file system, Quantum's Q-Cloud Archive and Vault use Amazon Web Services for active archiving and cold-storage tiering. Continue Reading


By David Turbide Manage Jul 28, 2014

Tier 1 ERP and tier 2 ERP: Creating peaceful coexistence

Tier 1 ERP and tier 2 ERP systems are not mutually exclusive. In this expert tip, discover how the two-tier approach can be beneficial. Continue Reading