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The New Data Center

Sponsored Apr 18, 2016

The Benefits of Deduplication for Tier-1 Applications

Databases like SQL Server and Oracle are very dependent on disk storage, and database performance is tightly coupled to storage performance. There is often blanket guidance about storage array features to enable or... Continue Reading


By David Linthicum Evaluate Apr 26, 2016

Implementing a tiered storage architecture with hybrid cloud

By offering lower costs, higher performance and reduced data loss, hybrid cloud helps some organizations optimize their tiered storage systems. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Feb 29, 2016

A closer look at SSD caching vs. tiering technologies

Brien Posey looks at popular ways of using SSD as cache, including write-around, write-through and write-back, as well as how the technology compares with SSD tiering. Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Jon Toigo ,Arun Taneja Manage Feb 22, 2016

Improve storage I/O with caching, tiering technology

Storage systems are often perceived as performance bottlenecks, with virtualized environments contributing to higher I/O demands and with high-end apps that cannot tolerate latency. To a great degree, solid-state ... Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Apr 26, 2016

HDS G series arrays get native NAS and cloud as a storage tier

VSP G series enterprise hybrid flash arrays see addition of native NAS functionality on a controller card plus cloud as a storage tier via Hitachi Content Platform Continue Reading


By Matthew David Manage Jan 28, 2016

Adopting a 4-tier architecture for mobile solutions

Developers have depended on the 3-tier architecture for Web applications, but now mobile demands a new, 4-tier architecture. Matthew David discusses what to know about 4-tier. Continue Reading


By George Crump Get Started Oct 28, 2015

The three tiers of hyper-converged architectures

Hyper-converged architecture delivers storage in a bundle, but there are several components involved. George Crump discusses the three pieces of hyper-converged systems. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Nov 26, 2015

Top five things to know about flash and storage tiering

Automated storage tiering boosts storage efficiency and saves money, but why is tiering different from caching, why is it suited to use with flash and how do suppliers differ? Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Brien Posey Manage Nov 10, 2015

Caching, tiering lead flash storage technology

Flash management has become more important as vendors push the cost of flash down by using less expensive (and less reliable) flash media. But with so many ways to implement flash storage technology, it can be a ... Continue Reading


By Jacob Gsoedl Evaluate Oct 23, 2015

Purchasing an enterprise SAN: Top-tier products compared

Expert Jacob Gsoedl drills into eight top-tier enterprise SAN products and how each one performs in seven technical areas. Detailed charts make the information easy to digest. Continue Reading