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Top IT predictions in APAC in 2018

By Aaron Tan 30 Nov 2017

A “mega cloud” that weaves together multiple private and public clouds, along with the use of AI to perform data-driven “thinking tasks”, could emerge next year Read More

UKtech50 - the leaders putting IT on the top table

By Bryan Glick 08 Dec 2017

Congratulations to everyone on Computer Weekly’s 2017 list of the most influential people in UK IT – our task of choosing 50 people becomes harder every year. It’s clear from analysing this year’s ... Read More

OWASP Top Ten: Surviving in the cyber wilderness

By Peter Loshin 07 Dec 2017

The latest version of the OWASP Top Ten web application risks is much like previous versions, and that's not a bad thing at all. Read More

Job searches reveal top skills for tech positions

By Jason Sparapani 06 Dec 2017

A new report by jobs site Indeed shows skills in JavaScript library React are becoming critical to land jobs. Also important is cloud computing know-how. Read More

Top five Windows 10 migration fears

By Alyssa Provazza 15 Nov 2017

A Windows 10 migration can set IT pros shaking in their boots, especially because the transition often comes with hang-ups around compatibility, hardware updates and more. Read More

Bringing more of the top global tech talent to the UK

By Amber Rudd 15 Nov 2017

The government wants to ensure the most highly talented technology and digital experts from overseas can work in the UK, writes home secretary Amber Rudd Read More

What are the top object storage backup benefits?

By Brien Posey 07 Nov 2017

While tape and disk backups have their own advantages, object storage for backup has them beat in a couple of areas. Object storage, for example, can scale easier. Read More

NotPetya tops list of worst ransomware attacks

By Warwick Ashford 31 Oct 2017

NotPetya, WannaCry and other ransomware have caused unprecedented damage to businesses, infrastructure and users, say threat researchers Read More

What are the top NFV platforms?

By Lee Doyle 14 Jun 2017

Networking expert Lee Doyle details the requirements for NFV infrastructure and the leading NFV platform options -- OpenStack and VMware's vCloud NFV. Read More

Top 5 EMM implementation considerations

By Jack Gold 21 Aug 2017

The wrong move can make or break your enterprise mobility management implementation. Broad device support, automated enrollment and single sign-on are must-have features. Read More