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By Stephen J. Bigelow Manage Jul 05, 2016

Tracking down storage latency in VMs

Where can storage performance or latency problems occur in virtualized systems? Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Nov 04, 2016

Cern to track job applicants ‘at the speed of light’

The nuclear research laboratory in Geneva, famous for tracking sub-atomic particles, is developing a cloud service to track the thousands of people who apply for jobs each year Continue Reading


By David Jacobs News Sep 14, 2016

In virtualized networking, availability tracking is key

With virtualized networking now on the scene, tracking availability is more complex than ever. Learn about the latest technology and techniques for keeping the network manageable. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 25, 2016


By Jan Stafford Get Started Nov 10, 2016

Fast-tracking hires calls for Agile technical training programs

Learn how Akamai's Jessica McPeake is applying Agile development techniques to technical training programs. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Oct 27, 2016

Asset tracking: What products and services can trace device location?

IT asset tracking can be used to ensure devices stay in a precise location, or to trace missing devices. Expert Michael Cobb covers the most popular products and services. Continue Reading


By Jennifer English News Aug 05, 2016

New VMware tool helps track and manage certifications

In this SDN blog roundup, one networking pro looks at a new VMware tool for managing certifications, while another assesses new NFV-based managed security services. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Oct 18, 2016

Which AWS tool can monitor ElastiCache and track costs?

Our enterprise uses Amazon ElastiCache to create and manage caching engines. How can we track Amazon ElastiCache performance and costs? Continue Reading


Jul 26, 2016

Olympic vision: Technology on track for Rio Games

In this issue, we interview the CIO for the forthcoming Rio Olympics. The technology his team has put in place will support delegations from more than 200 countries, including 10,500 athletes. We also look at ... Continue Reading


By Christian Stafford News Oct 11, 2016

MIT Media Lab uses 'Electome' to track political discourse

Still looking for a way to make sense of the current political season? MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines has created Electome, an analytics tool that tracks election conversation. Dubbed a ... Continue Reading