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By Lynn Haber News Jul 16, 2015

Microsoft partner conference highlights training

According to Microsoft, partners can expect the company to step up its training, certification, exam delivery and performance tracking efforts. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Jul 30, 2015

Rackspace, Intel launch OpenStack training center

Enterprises are interested in OpenStack, but can't find enough IT pros with open source cloud expertise. Rackspace and Intel hope to change that. Continue Reading


By Luke O'Neill News Jul 21, 2015

Lack of employee training equals lack of UC success

Employees aren't using UC tools because they're not trained on them or don't know about them, which limits UC success, according to a new report. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith News Jul 17, 2015

Guidance Software offers incentives for partner sales training

Guidance Software has enhanced it channel program with new training and certifications. Also in IT channel news, Citrix packaged tools for driving Windows 10 adoption. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Manage May 01, 2015

Storage certification, training options abound

IT departments battle storage-related tests on areas such as virtualization to long-term retention, but training and certification programs can help. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 10, 2015

What should contact center agent training systems focus on?

Some contact center agent training systems miss the mark. When choosing technology, managers must be in tune with the frontline's needs. Continue Reading


Get Started May 27, 2015

UC training, certifications are mostly vendor-specific

The industry may lack vendor-neutral certifications, but hands-on UC training can help workers master products, advance their careers and boost their salaries. Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman May 20, 2015

WIT and Cybrary to train girls in cyber security skills

Cybrary offers free licenses for Women in Technology members training in cyber security Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 30, 2015

Google pledges security training for 10,000 UK internet users

Google will host free workshops in five UK cities and 30 schools on safeguarding passwords, updating account settings, finding stolen devices and checking where data is being shared Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started Jul 20, 2015

How does user behavior analytics compare to security awareness training?

User behavior analytics is emerging as a technology to prevent malware infections and end-user attacks, but how viable is it? Expert Nick Lewis outlines the pros and cons. Continue Reading