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By Brian Kirsch Evaluate Oct 24, 2016

A crash course in VMware NSX training

NSX is a complex product. Get a handle on things by checking out these tips to get a basic understanding of it and how you can apply it to your organization's needs. Continue Reading


By Ben Cole Manage Dec 01, 2016

Tabletop cybersecurity exercises essential to infosec training

In this video Q&A, representatives from Delta Risk LLC, discuss why tabletop cybersecurity exercises are hugely beneficial to companies' infosec training programs. Continue Reading


By Mary Driscoll News Oct 28, 2016

CFOs want analysts trained in finance data science

Analytics expertise is widespread in operational realms such as manufacturing and HR. Finance data science must be a priority for CFOs to secure a place at the planning table. Continue Reading


By Angelica Mari Oct 12, 2016

CIO interview: John Sullivan, CIO, Virgin Trains

Digital innovation is a priority for improving passenger experience and internal operations at the train operating company Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Oct 10, 2016

DevOps training concerns stymie IT transformations

Thought leaders debate what needs to be done to foster DevOps training, as forward-thinking IT pros with DevOps skills are still scarce in the available pool of enterprise talent. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 12, 2016

Nimans opens up internal training

Nimans has given resellers the chance to go through the same training it provides in-house to its own staff Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Sep 23, 2016

Should finance be part of software tester training?

How much do you need to understand about the product and industry you're testing in? Expert Gerie Owen thinks the answer is probably more than you'd think. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey ,Kristen Lee ,Reda Chouffani Manage Sep 19, 2016

To defend endpoint security in healthcare, technology teams with training

At many hospitals and physician practices, endpoint devices -- such as desktop computers, laptops and smartphones -- can become areas for cybercriminals to exploit. However, a combination of high-tech defense and ... Continue Reading


By Linda Rosencrance Evaluate Nov 30, 2016

HR video apps spreading beyond training to recruiting, engagement

Users say cost savings, faster turnaround and better corporate branding are some of the benefits from using video at more stages of the talent management process. Continue Reading


By David Essex Manage Nov 30, 2016

Big Oracle cloud migration just one more challenge for IT-trained CFO

With PeopleSoft, SAP and Workday deployments in his background, Chad Eckes has the IT and business chops to move Wake Forest Medical Center to Oracle cloud financials and HCM. Continue Reading