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transaction: In computer programming, a transaction usually means a sequence of information exchange and related work...

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By Karl Flinders Aug 12, 2015

Paym transaction value races to £70m

The volume and value of transactions using the Paym mobile-to-mobile payments service have increased significantly in the past six months Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jul 06, 2015

More than one billion contactless transactions made using Visa in Europe in 12 months

More than one billion contactless payments were made in Europe by Visa customers in the past 12 months Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Mar 25, 2015

How does three-way bidirectional transactional replication work?

Bidirectional replication of SQL servers is a business continuity tool for users with multiple remote sites and a central data center. Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 12, 2015

Transaction analytics tools can rescue companies from fraud

Implementing data analytics tools to examine transactions will help companies detect fraud and prevent losses for their customers. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Oct 14, 2014

Digital transaction management: The 'last mile' in paperless business

Companies often regress to paper processes because they aren't ready to digitize the 'last mile' of signature. Enter digital transaction management. Continue Reading


By Eric Parizo News Feb 10, 2015

Will Chip and PIN technology boost payment card transaction security?

Visa and MasterCard are putting pressure on merchants to implement Chip and PIN technology, and while it will improve transaction security, it won't make PCI compliance any easier. Continue Reading


By Robert Peledie Manage Sep 08, 2014

CRM systems are for customer relationships, not transactions

Companies need to stop viewing CRM systems as just a place to house transactions. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Evaluate Aug 11, 2014

New features in Exchange Server transaction logs

Log files are vital to how Exchange Server functions. Brush up on how log files have changed in Exchange 2013 to protect your setup against disaster. Continue Reading


By Caroline Baldwin Feb 20, 2014

Welcome Break speeds up payments transactions

Welcome Break has upgraded its entire payments system to improve the speed of services to customers and streamline end-of-day management transactions Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jul 08, 2014

Digital banking transactions reach £1bn in UK

British people are making online and mobile banking transactions worth near £1bn a day Continue Reading