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transaction: In computer programming, a transaction usually means a sequence of information exchange and related work...

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Problem solve Jan 02, 2002

Call Transaction

Little example for use of the Call Transaction and get the error code. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 05, 2005

Transactional replication

Excerpted from the McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media book SQL Server 2000 Administration, this tip explains how transactional replication works by sending changes to the subscriber as they happen. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 05, 2001

Finding underlying transaction data

Another wayto find underlying transaction data Continue Reading


By Bert Vanstechelman Problem solve Aug 08, 2006

Transaction SU03 obsolete

SU03 is an obsolete authorization maintenance transaction. Our expert defines the proper transaction to use. Continue Reading


Problem solve Nov 21, 2003

Finding transaction codes

Perhaps you know some keywords about a transaction, but not the transaction code? Continue Reading


Problem solve Mar 15, 2002

Some transaction code

All the transaction codes you could ask for. Continue Reading


By Giovanni Davila Problem solve Dec 08, 2003

View locked transactions

As you know, you can lock/unlock transaction codes via SM01. But how do you go about viewing the transactions that are locked in the system? Continue Reading


By Matthew Billingham Problem solve Oct 24, 2003

Call transaction authorization issues

I am working in 4.6C and have some call transaction authorization issues with transactions COWBHUWA, HUCANC, and COPAWA. If a user is not authorized to execute a transaction directly (e.g. by entering the ... Continue Reading


By Bert Vanstechelman Problem solve Sep 01, 2006

Tables for identifying transactions

This advice offers a list of tables available in SAP for identifying transactions and their attributes. Continue Reading


Jan 31, 2001

Securing trust for transactions

How safe are your online transactions? And how can you make them more secure? Continue Reading