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transaction: In computer programming, a transaction usually means a sequence of information exchange and related work...

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By Karl Flinders Nov 30, 2016

Mastercard uses artificial intelligence for transaction approval

Mastercard is using artificial intelligence to reduce the number of transactions that are wrongly declined, while maintaining security Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Sep 07, 2016

Barclays uses blockchain for trade finance transactions

Barclays Bank has successfully tested the use of blockchain technology to complete a large trade finance agreement, which promises huge efficiencies Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Aug 26, 2016

Samsung Pay used for 100 million transactions

Samsung reports that its mobile payments app, which will soon be available in the UK, has transacted 100 million payments in its first year of availability Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie News Jun 15, 2016

Will server hardware perform faster with transactional memory?

For many Java applications doing list processing, having transactional memory built right into Intel's commodity CPUs will result in greater server hardware performance. Continue Reading


By Sue Troy Evaluate May 11, 2016


By Cameron McKenzie Evaluate Aug 04, 2016

Gil Tene extols the benefits of hardware transactional memory at QCon

Everyone likes a feature that improves performance out of the box, which is why hardware transactional memory has become such a hot topic at QCon 2016 Continue Reading


By Sean Janson Evaluate Feb 22, 2016

Riverbed SteelCentral traces transactions across all users

With a single-pane-of-glass approach, Riverbed SteelCentral -- an APM software -- lets enterprises manage application performance across the stack, on and off the cloud. Continue Reading


By Richard Luckett Manage Dec 08, 2015

How can I recover Exchange transaction logs space?

Exchange Server transaction logs have filled up my hard drive. How do I free up space taken by these logs? And can I prevent it from happening again? Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Apr 05, 2016

MariaDB: you want transactional AND massively parallelised analytic workloads?

MariaDB ColumnStore is Open Source GPL2, a fork based on InfiniDB and open source community contributions. Continue Reading


By Robert Richardson News Apr 03, 2015

The transaction that lasts forever

Whether or not you think Bitcoin has a future, it has a couple of very interesting technological elements that will probably have a life of their own. The aspect that everyone talks about is that ... Continue Reading