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News Oct 20, 2015

VMware trends on Twitter

VMware users took to Twitter to talk about new product announcements and updates unveiled at VMworld 2015. Continue Reading


By Tracee Herbaugh News Nov 09, 2015

Embedded apps a hot UC trend

More businesses want UC software with third-party embedded apps that range from social media updates to notifications when networks go down. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 25, 2015

The latest trends in the Hadoop project

In this podcast, Tim Hall of Hortonworks discusses the Apache Hadoop project and how it has changed since its inception. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Manage Nov 19, 2015

Enterprise networks need to address mobility trends

In order to accommodate employees' mobility needs, network engineers need to tackle three key considerations: bandwidth capacity, data security and privacy protection. Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Nov 13, 2015

Top data center industry trends of 2016

Data center industry trends include managers who don't just manage servers, storage and networking, but instead manage 'hybrid IT.' Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo News Sep 09, 2015

Why the IoT trend won't revolutionize IT

The IoT trend faces numerous obstacles, even as it promises to affect the way we do everything from eat to work to drive. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart News Nov 11, 2015

Experts predict 2016 enterprise mobility trends

Mobile apps, the Internet of Things and "comfortable computing" are primed to dominate the industry next year. Continue Reading


News Nov 11, 2015

As the BYOD trend fades, a more holistic approach emerges

The BYOD trend isn't as relevant as it once was. Enterprise mobility today is about much more than employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work. Organizations instead need to focus on mobile apps, ... Continue Reading


By David Essex News Oct 22, 2015

Bersin names disruptive HR technology trends for 2016

'Appification' of HR and new cloud-based tools for employee engagement, feedback and performance are enabling the democratization of HR processes. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee ,Reda Chouffani Get Started Oct 05, 2015

What's trending in healthcare data security: Mobile health and AI

As mobile health becomes more prominent in the medical industry thanks to wearable devices, the threat of complex cyberattacks also increases. Healthcare data security questions are being raised daily by all of ... Continue Reading