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By Jeremy Ames Evaluate Apr 26, 2016

What are the leading HR technology trends?

Both companies and employees are expecting more and more from their human resource departments. Here are four trends that are creating pressure -- and opportunity. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 20, 2016

Container trends fuel storage needs

In life as in technology, there is no free lunch. We've seen this time and again. Every time a technology seems to be too good to be true, we do a little digging, and it turns out we were right.

Containers are ... Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Get Started Jan 27, 2016

Quiz: Application development trends

Big data, mobile apps and programming languages continually change. Do you know which application development trends are hot? Take this quiz and find out. Continue Reading


Mar 11, 2016

CIO Trends Q1 2016

This guide offers a collection of our most popular articles for IT leaders during the first few months of 2016, examining the changing role of CIOs and how to enhance their relationships with their peers across the... Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Evaluate Jan 04, 2016

WLAN 2016 technology trends

As we look ahead in the new year, wireless LAN 2016 technology trends include 802.11ac Wave 2, analytics, 2.5/5/10 Gbps, LTE conflicts and the Internet of Things. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Mar 02, 2016

Cybercrime trends point to growing sophistication

Sophos' James Lyne warns that cybercriminals are becoming more effective, thanks to document-based malware and advanced social engineering techniques. Continue Reading


Apr 20, 2016

Skills and sourcing trends for successful IT strategy

In this presentation from our CW500 event, Louise McCarthy, director of IT transformation at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, shares her experiences of overhauling IT sourcing strategy at major ... Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Get Started Apr 13, 2016

Trend Micro Email Encryption: Product overview

Expert contributor Karen Scarfone examines Trend Micro's suite of email encryption software products for securing email messages in the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Dan Ring Evaluate Mar 29, 2016

Using continuous performance appraisal software a growing trend

More organizations are adopting frequent coaching and evaluation of employees to augment traditional reviews, but employees might be leery of being monitored too much. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Get Started Mar 21, 2016

Quiz: Cloud-based data storage trends

Storing data in every corporate branch is expensive and hinders performance. Are you up to date on current cloud-based data storage trends? Take this short quiz and find out. Continue Reading