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Two Ansible playbook examples illustrate config management

By Sander van Vugt 06 Dec 2017

Configuration management enables automation for many operations tasks. Ansible uses a simple structure and a dynamic language to enable admins to easily complete jobs, once they get the hang of a playbook. Read More

Two innovators under 35 at the front lines of emerging tech

By Nicole Laskowski 17 Nov 2017

MIT Technology Review's annual list of Innovators Under 35 recognizes individuals who are tackling hard problems and making notable advances in the areas of AI, virtual reality, robotics and ... Read More

Orgs take two approaches to creating interoperability platform

By Kristen Lee 07 Nov 2017

Many in healthcare are trying to figure out how to effectively make interoperability happen. Two healthcare organizations take two different approaches to creating interoperability systems. Read More

Compare two types of cloud automation and orchestration tools

By Alan R. Earls 26 Oct 2017

There are two camps of tools for automation and orchestration in cloud: provider-native and third-party. To pick the right one, know your future needs, especially for multicloud. Read More

What knowledge factors qualify for true two-factor authentication?

By Michael Cobb 20 Oct 2017

Can two-factor authentication be applied to a mobile device that's used as a 2FA factor? Michael Cobb explores the different knowledge factors and uses for mobile devices. Read More

IoT and cybersecurity vulnerabilities: Volume two

By Brian Berger 28 Sep 2017

Device design and device monitoring are both critical to protecting IoT devices from cybersecurity vulnerabilities, advises Brian Berger of Cytellix. Read More

Windows digital signature bypassed with two registry edits

By Michael Heller 27 Sep 2017

The DerbyCon keynote covered why security research is an approachable field, as well as how to bypass a Windows digital signature check to run unwanted code. Read More

Two-thirds of UK businesses have adopted fintech

By Karl Flinders 25 Sep 2017

Most UK businesses are using financial technology products and services in some way, with cost savings being the main attraction Read More

Mulling network device types: Two switches better than many?

By Russ White 12 Dec 2017

Using two large chassis switches instead of multiple ToR devices might be a good alternative for data center performance when deploying network device types. Read More

How does port swapping work to bypass two-factor authentication?

By Judith Myerson 11 Dec 2017

With a port swapping attack, hackers can bypass two-factor authentication and control a victim's mobile device. Judith Myerson explains how the attacks work and how to stop them. Read More