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New report highlights next-gen manufacturing roles in the U.S.

By Shraddha Kakade 03 Oct 2017

Research by UI LABS and ManpowerGroup identified 165 roles that'll shape the "factory of the future," and why there couldn't be a more exciting time to be in manufacturing than now. Read More

U.S. government cybersecurity is a mess, according to officials

By Madelyn Bacon 25 Aug 2017

News roundup: John McCain, NIAC and others called out the administration for not doing enough on U.S. government cybersecurity. Plus, the Ropemaker exploit alters emails, and more. Read More

Electronic voting systems in the U.S. need post-election audits

By Madelyn Bacon 28 Aug 2017

Colorado will implement a new system for auditing electronic voting systems. Post-election audits have been proven to help, but are they enough to boost public trust in the systems? Read More

GDPR requirements: Channel should educate U.S. customers

26 May 2017

GDPR will go into effect in May 2018, yet many U.S. organizations are only now understanding how the regulation may apply to them; other news from the week. Read More

U.S. GAO appoints new members to HIT Advisory Committee

By Kristen Lee 17 Aug 2017

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently appointed 15 new health IT experts to the also new Health Information Technology (HIT) Advisory Committee, a press release said. "The 21st ... Read More

Valerie Plame: U.S. government cyberdefense must be improved

By Rob Wright 18 Aug 2017

Former CIA officer Valerie Plame discusses why America's cyberdefense is lagging behind -- and what the government and private sector should do to reverse the trend. Read More

U.S. attorney: Gathering cybercrime evidence can be difficult

By Michael Heller 11 Aug 2017

Assistant U.S. attorney says jurors and courts are getting smarter about cybercrime evidence, although digital cases overall may be getting more difficult to prosecute. Read More

GDPR compliance grips U.S. firms, too

By Dave Raffo 23 Mar 2017

U.S. organizations are taking General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance at least as seriously as their European Union counterparts, according to a recent survey commissioned by Veritas ... Read More

Hidden Cobra hackers target U.S. with DeltaCharlie malware

By Madelyn Bacon 16 Jun 2017

News roundup: DeltaCharlie malware is a threat to the U.S., according to a US-CERT warning about Hidden Cobra. Plus, a DVR flaw could create a bigger botnet than Mirai, and more. Read More

Dragonfly 2.0 hacker group seen targeting U.S. power grid

By Michael Heller 07 Sep 2017

Security researchers claim to be tracking a threat group called Dragonfly 2.0 hacker group that has been attacking critical infrastructure and setting up persistent infections on ICS networks. Read More