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By Barney Beal News Aug 27, 2004

Report: U.S. call centers vanishing

Expect about 3,000 U.S. call centers and 140,000 positions to go away in the next few years, a new report found. Continue Reading


News Jun 13, 2002

U.S. Federal XML guidelines

The United States federal government's XML Work Group, a sub-committee of the Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC), drafted its first guidelines that spell out best practices for the use of XML in federal ... Continue Reading


Manage Apr 26, 2004

Calculate U.S. holidays for any given year

Add U.S. holidays to your server's holiday list with this code. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Dec 16, 2014

Microsoft, rivals challenge U.S. government over cloud data privacy

Microsoft's refusal to give the U.S. government customer emails stored in Ireland will likely have implications for enterprise cloud data privacy and security. Continue Reading


By Tom Pisello Problem solve Apr 22, 2003

U.S. firms smarter IT spenders than E.U. peers

Why is it that U.S. firms are getting more bang for their IT bucks than European firms are getting for their Euros? Find out here. Continue Reading


By Jeff Kelly News Sep 08, 2008

Data quality buoys U.S. Naval Institute

Data quality software helped the U.S. Naval Institute clean up customer data, improve member services, reduce wasted time and save money. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Manage Jul 15, 2014

U.S. cloud privacy fears inspire international market

After the NSA spying scandal, global enterprises are reluctant to put their data in U.S. clouds -- helping to spark a cottage industry overseas. Continue Reading


By James Turnbull Problem solve Jun 02, 2006

Linux kernel and U.S. government security standards

Security expert James Turnbull explains what Linux components satisfy the U.S. government's 'Protection Profile for Separation Kernels in Environments Requiring High Robustness." Continue Reading


News Sep 25, 2003

BPEL seminar planned for three U.S. cities

A two-hour seminar on the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is planned for three U.S. cities next week. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Mar 27, 2009

Ricoh brings online data storage service to U.S.

Ricoh, the Japanese printing company, is testing its online data storage and file-sharing service in the U.S.with its new product called quanp. Continue Reading