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By Sonia Lelii News Nov 29, 2016

U.S. court dismisses Symantec lawsuit against Veeam

A U.S. district court ends the patent lawsuit that Symantec, now Veritas, brought against Veeam four years ago. The court dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Dec 02, 2016

EU, U.S. authorities take down Avalanche global crimeware network

Authorities from 30 countries have dismantled Avalanche, the crimeware-as-a-service network used to steal hundreds of millions from victims around the globe. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Nov 29, 2016

New surveying methods needed for better U.S. election predictions

The surprise result of the 2016 presidential election has raised a lot of questions about how surveys are done in an era of cellphone-only households. Continue Reading


By Caron Carlson Manage Oct 21, 2016

FAQ: What are the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield compliance requirements?

In this SearchCompliance FAQ, learn details about how the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield data protection requirements strive to raise consumer privacy standards. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Oct 21, 2016

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certification process picks up steam, slowly

After a slow start, some U.S. companies are starting to address the questions and challenges of EU-U.S. Privacy Shield certification. But most haven't started the process. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Oct 21, 2016

Dyn hit by massive DNS DDoS, Eastern U.S. bears brunt of attacks

At least two DNS DDoS attacks on Dyn are disrupting access to many popular websites, users and companies on the Eastern U.S. are impacted. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate May 24, 2016

Why a federal CISO is necessary for the U.S. government

President Obama's proposed 2017 budget includes a much bigger focus on cybersecurity and calls for the creation of a federal CISO position. Expert Mike Villegas discusses the role. Continue Reading


By Mekhala Roy Evaluate Aug 18, 2016

How will the new EU-U.S. data transfer policy change governance?

The new transatlantic data transfer policy framework may require companies to rethink governance processes to follow its security and privacy protocols. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 10, 2016

U.S. intelligence agencies cut off from Twitter firehose

Twitter ordered its business partner Dataminr to cut off the Twitter firehose feed access for U.S. intelligence agencies, but experts expect the NSA won't miss much. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Jul 15, 2016

Microsoft wins email privacy court battle with U.S. government

The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Microsoft regarding a controversial email privacy case with the U.S. government that involves data stored in an offshore data center. Continue Reading