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Updates: The next evolution of operating systems

16 Jan 2018

In this e-guide we take a look at how operating systems are evolving with the help of continuous updates. Learn about how the Spectre and Meltdown microprocessor flaws have led to improved, more secure processors ... Read More

When Updating Drivers Check Vendor Support

By Ed Tittel 13 Dec 2017

When updating drivers check vendor support is a truism that provides insight (and driver files) for all kinds of Windows devices and components. Read More

iOS updates: Why are some Apple products behind on updates?

By Matthew Pascucci 05 Dec 2017

A study by Zimperium found that more than 23% of iOS devices aren't running the latest software. Matt Pascucci explains how this is possible, even though Apple controls iOS updates. Read More

Win10 Full Flash Update

By Ed Tittel 15 Nov 2017

Full Flash Update's FFUTOOL.exe works with DISM to apply Windows images to target drives (and PCs) faster and more reliably than either WIM or VHD. Read More

AMD backtracks on Spectre vulnerabilities, plans microcode updates

By Rob Wright 12 Jan 2018

AMD initially believed the Spectre vulnerabilities posed "near zero risk" to its chip, but the company this week reversed course and is planning microcode updates for its products. Read More

Quiz yourself on Red Hat virtualization pricing and updates

By Nick Moore 11 Jan 2018

The Red Hat Virtualization platform can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Take this quiz on RHV pricing, updates and functionality to see if you know your stuff. Read More

The ITIL 2018 update better catch up to modern IT

By Clive Longbottom 10 Jan 2018

When ITIL last updated, DevOps was in its infancy. In the face of rapidly evolving IT practices and technologies, ITIL 2018 must be powerful and usable for diverse IT organizations. Read More

AWS updates covered the IT gamut in 2017

By Trevor Jones 22 Dec 2017

The list of AWS features continued to grow in 2017, with upgrades that grab IT shops' attention: containers, databases, security, serverless and machine learning. Read More

Azure feature updates in 2017 play catch up to AWS

By Trevor Jones 21 Dec 2017

There were a slew of updates to Azure services in 2017. Some put the focus on next-generation apps, while others gained ground on AWS' substantial lead. Read More