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By Ed Tittel Evaluate Jun 27, 2016

Anniversary Update Signs Positive

With the scheduled release weeks away, all Anniversary Update signs positive makes me hopeful that more enterprise adoptions are likely. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Aug 17, 2016

Anniversary Update Display Scaling Changes

Windows PC can get wonky when docking or adding a display while a user is logged in. James Burrage explains Anniversary Update display scaling changes to better handle such situations. Continue Reading


By Bob Tarzey News May 17, 2016

Updates, updates – hares and tortoises in the software vulnerability race

One of the first lines of defence an organisation should have in its battle against cyber-crime is up to date software. There are challenges in achieving this, but they can be surmounted. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Aug 03, 2016

Anniversary Update Post-Install Cleanup

On August 2, MS made the Anniversary Update available through various means. Alas, some Anniversary Update post-install cleanup seems required. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Aug 01, 2016

Long NTFS Filenames in Anniversary Update

NTFS filenames have been limited to 260 characters in length, but a new Local Group Policy option in the Anniversary Update removes that restriction. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Jul 25, 2016


By Ed Tittel Manage Jun 24, 2016

Tools: Handling NirLauncher Updates

Nir Sofer's great Windows utilities gather in a toolset called NirLauncher. Handling NirLauncher updates means switching from old to new versions. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Get Started Jun 24, 2016

Diving into the most recent vSphere updates

VMware has made two significant updates to vSphere 6. With the next version due out soon, let's take a look at where vSphere 6 stands right now. Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Aug 24, 2016

Windows OS updates get simpler -- but there's a trade-off

Microsoft's new monthly rollups will make Windows OS updates less hectic. IT won't be able to pick and choose which updates and patches to deploy, however. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Apr 15, 2016

Updating Win10 CBB

Right after Microsoft moved the build for the Current Business Branch (CBB) to 10586, they started updating Win10 CBB with a cumulative update. Continue Reading