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By Robert Gates News May 21, 2015

New Uptime assessment scores your IT efficiency

A new Uptime Institute assessment gives IT a system of benchmarks to improve efficiency and sustainability. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Evaluate Mar 09, 2015

Improve uptime with smart VMware HA and DRS rules

With the correct configuration and planning, VMware HA and DRS can work together to help improve virtual server performance and uptime. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Sep 04, 2014

How to maximize VDI uptime

To maximize VDI uptime, you have to choose quality hardware, test software patches and find single points of failure. And remember that admins can be those points, too. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Manage May 13, 2014

Reframing the server uptime debate

Looking at uptime from a business perspective is the only way to determine how many 'nines' are enough. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche News Dec 01, 2014

New data center ratings system challenges Uptime, TIA

The IDCA Infinity Paradigm challenges Uptime's Tier ratings with a pyramid system that ranks data centers based on service availability and quality. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Nov 24, 2014

How does an Open-IX data center cert stack up to Uptime Tiers?

The Open-IX data center certification aims at resiliency through self-declared certification and an annual renewal process, rather than proprietary oversight. Continue Reading


By Archana Venkatraman Nov 20, 2014

BSkyB turns to DCIM to reduce carbon footprint and maximise service uptime

BSkyB replaces its legacy datacentre management software with Schneider Electric’s DCIM suite to save time and energy Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Get Started Jul 18, 2014

Uptime's guide to data center assessment and optimization

Even the best data center design drifts from its opening day to the present. Uptime shares its recommendations to map cooling power to today's IT load. Continue Reading


By Sharon Zaharoff Evaluate Jun 05, 2014

Test your Uptime Tier level knowledge

You've got a lot riding on Uptime Tier-certified data centers. Take this quiz to see how well you know Tiers I through IV. Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Manage Jan 15, 2014

Tenets of modern server uptime and data center availability

Server uptime and downtime can't be pinned to just automation, just application modularity or just redundancy. In a modern data center, availability relies on comprehensive uptime awareness. Continue Reading