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Users happy to embrace automation

By Simon Quicke 05 Sep 2017

Far from viewing automation and AI as technologies that could threaten their jobs Ricoh has found that users are looking forward to exploiting the benefits Read More

Experienced users point the way on implementing machine learning

By Ed Burns 11 Dec 2017

In this podcast, we look back at some of our most interesting interviews with end users sharing how they found success implementing machine learning projects. Read More

A low-code User eXperience ‘design language’

By Adrian Bridgwater 08 Dec 2017

Mendix Atlas UI is a low-code tool intended for software application developers who find themselves bereft of any perceptible level of ‘front-end’ development or UI design skills. Atlas can be used ... Read More

User behavior analytics leads the security analytics charge

By Kathleen Richards 01 Dec 2017

Will no longer playing by the rules help companies find insider threats? As user and entity behavior analytics gets closer to SIEM tools, enterprises take notice. Read More

The tug of war between user behavior analysis and SIEM

By Kathleen Richards 01 Dec 2017

Information security technologies embrace user behavior analytics, and the trend is expected to continue. Should CISOs consider a standalone UBA component? Read More

Businesses need to balance user experience, privacy and security

By Warwick Ashford 28 Nov 2017

Balancing user experience, privacy and security for the connected consumer is a key challenge for online businesses, according to KuppingerCole Read More

Cloud-hosted apps catching on to meet user demand

By Priyanka Ketkar 21 Nov 2017

With the ever-increasing popularity of cloud computing, organizations are also considering streaming their applications. Several cloud-hosted app services can help. Read More

The role of analytics in end-user monitoring tools

14 Nov 2017

The rise of mobility and new application delivery methods have made it necessary for IT departments to take a more proactive approach to monitoring. End-user monitoring tools now take advantage of machine learning ... Read More