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Conversations: Why is SNDTCPSPLF used?

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By John Burke Evaluate Sep 17, 2015

Which SDN protocol should I use?

At the dawn of software-defined networking, there was one SDN protocol: OpenFlow. Today, users can select from a growing number of options. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Sep 30, 2015

When should you use PowerShell backup?

Windows PowerShell can be used in conjunction with your backup software for specific data protection tasks. Find out how and when to use PowerShell backup. Continue Reading


News Sep 17, 2015

Data center water use grows

There is a lot of warm weather on the horizon. But data center operators shouldn't let that fool them in to thinking that they shouldn't worry about water conservation. Data centers are major water hogs, right up ... Continue Reading


By David Turbide Manage Sep 14, 2015

Manufacturers: Use a warehouse for product customization

Leveraging warehouses for product customization, or late personalization, adds flexibility, shortens delivery lead time and helps better meet customer expectations. Continue Reading


By Matthew David Manage Sep 14, 2015

What mobile prototyping tools should I use?

Choosing the right mobile prototyping tools can save hundreds of hours when designing an app. Expert Matthew David has real-world advice. Continue Reading


Sep 04, 2015

The secure use of cloud-based services

Attitudes to cloud-based services vary, but over time there has been increasing uptake as the benefits are recognised by more and more businesses. Those in the vanguard recognise that there is ground work to do; ... Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jun 27, 2015


By Billy MacInnes Jun 23, 2015

Striking the balance between useful and burdensome

You could make a cool phone people use a lot that then drains its battery or one with lots of power that is a pain to drag around. It's a problem Billy MacInnes has been thinking about Continue Reading


Aug 17, 2015

Using SAP Hana as a data warehouse

Enterprises are using SAP Hana for in-memory data marts and SAP Business Warehouse implementations that integrate with other data warehouses Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Oct 06, 2015

How can enterprises defend against malware using DNS tunnels?

Malware is increasingly using DNS tunnels to aid in data exfiltration. Expert Nick Lewis explains how the attacks work and how best to defend against them. Continue Reading