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How to pick out the right VDI use cases

By Tom Howarth 16 Jan 2018

VDI can help organizations, but only if IT applies it to the right use cases. Identifying those virtual desktop use cases starts with understanding the user type and location. Read More

How to use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for the cloud

By Ed Moyle 22 Nov 2017

Aligning the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with cloud services like AWS and Azure can improve cloud security. Expert Ed Moyle explains how to best use the framework for the cloud. Read More

Use virt-install to install VMs from the command line

By Walker Rowe 15 Jan 2018

Learn the basics of virt-install, including standard use cases, executing it on CentOS 7, different command-line options and the creation of kickstart files. Read More

Use an authenticated vulnerability scan to find system flaws

By Kevin Beaver 15 Jan 2018

If unsafe computer systems scare the living daylights out of you, tune into this webinar on how to do authenticated vulnerability scans to avoid system damage. Read More

How businesses can use the internet of things to save the environment

By Ritesh Mehta 10 Jan 2018

The exchange of ideas, expertise and data among people, organizations and governments could enable the corporate world to create more sustainable products and services. Read More

Using virtualized disaster recovery to fight ransomware

By Stuart Burns 08 Jan 2018

When it comes to fighting and protecting against ransomware, there are some major features of virtual disaster recovery that top physical environments. Read More

How gamification is used to motivate workers

By SA Mathieson 03 Nov 2017

A variety of UK, European and US companies are turning to gamification to motivate workers to complete and repeat business processes more efficiently, including by competing against each other Read More

How does using tape for backup compare to the cloud?

By Jim O'Reilly 28 Dec 2017

While tape is notably offline and thus protected from cyberattacks, the cloud could comprehensively surpass it for backup if service providers figure out security issues. Read More

Triton framework used in industrial control attacks

By Michael Heller 15 Dec 2017

Security researchers discovered new ICS attacks using the Triton framework that may have been nation-state-sponsored and intended to cause real-world damage. Read More

The benefits of using big data analytics software

By David Loshin 15 Dec 2017

Tools for big data analytics have a lot to offer, and they come in many varieties. Get to know some of the ways business users and data scientists can use the software. Read More