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A vendor is an individual or company that sells goods or services to somone else in the economic ...Read More

Disaster recovery vendors look to automate, consolidate

By Stuart Burns 11 Dec 2017

To thrive, disaster recovery providers must keep up with the times. Converging backup and DR, fighting ransomware and properly using the cloud are important elements. Read More

DevOps skill: It's what software vendors can't sell you

By Grant Hatchimonji 08 Dec 2017

How do you do DevOps? It takes more than implementing DevOps tools, despite what some DevOps vendors would have you think. Culture still plays the biggest role. Read More

Which NVMe SSD vendor is right for me?

By Brien Posey 06 Dec 2017

Picking an NVMe drive is an important decision. Consider thermal control, proprietary software and drive architecture to make the right choice. Read More

Recovery from ransomware: How backup vendors can help

By Alastair Cooke 04 Dec 2017

A ransomware attack is not your typical data loss event. Some data protection vendors get the picture and are incorporating ransomware-specific features in their products. Read More

Accenture warns vendors over channel disconnect

By Simon Quicke 28 Sep 2017

A lack of visibility into partner activities, a failure to meet customer expectations and a focus on recruiting too many resellers are just some of the issues exposed by Accenture Read More

GDPR requirements tackled by vendors in varied ways

By Jim O'Reilly 16 Nov 2017

While vendors are aiding compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, it's up to organizations to change the culture around protecting customer data. Read More

Weigh vendors, tools in software-defined storage products

By Jim O'Reilly 13 Nov 2017

Explore the benefits of SDS and continued recent improvements before you determine if making or buying software-defined storage infrastructure makes sense for your enterprise. Read More

Cloud security tools reflect disparate vendor perspectives

By Trevor Jones 06 Nov 2017

The latest cloud security tools exemplify the major providers' varied approaches to address user concerns, and protect customers from themselves. Read More

Evaluating SBC vendors for cloud communications infrastructure

By Katherine Finnell 02 Nov 2017

As more organizations move their communications infrastructure to the cloud, session border controllers must follow suit. In 2016, nearly 40% of North American business users were using some form ... Read More