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Sep 22, 2016

Channel benefitting from “misdirected” vendor funding

A large chunk of vendor funds are being paid to the wrong people for the wrong things Continue Reading


By Zeus Kerravala Evaluate Aug 10, 2016

How to evaluate team collaboration software vendors

The team collaboration software market has grown exponentially. To make sure employees have the right tools, organizations should carefully evaluate team collaboration vendors. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Sep 13, 2016

Vendors criticised by struggling would-be cloud resellers

Research from the Cloud Industry Forum and Intermedia has revealed that many resellers feel vendors could do more to help them with their moves to the cloud Continue Reading


By Luke O'Neill News Sep 09, 2016

In summer of discontent, UC vendor consolidation ruffles customers

Following an uncertain summer, unified communications vendor consolidation has made some customers postpone purchases, while others expect price drops and market innovation. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Sep 06, 2016

Vendors target storage for containers with DevOps in mind

Enterprises have new tools to manage storage for Docker containers in production. Legacy vendors and startups are adding techniques for data protection, mobility and persistent storage. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Manage Sep 06, 2016

Integrating vendor neutral archives and population health technologies

A health IT expert discusses the role vendor neutral archives can play in population health, what's needed to integrate the two technologies and the barriers in the way. Continue Reading


By Steve Zurier Evaluate Sep 01, 2016

The security ratings game grades third-party vendors

Can security ratings services patterned on consumer credit scores offer insight into the security postures of third parties and other business partners? Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 31, 2016

Your essential guide to CPM tools, tips and vendors

CPM has expanded in use throughout the enterprise, but it's still a cornerstone of the finance department. This guide takes you through key tips you'll need for success. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 14, 2016

Vendors sprucing up channel programmes

It seems to be the moment to give a channel partner programme a clean lick of paint Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Jun 15, 2016

Vendor marketing slogans are ridiculous

Have you ever actually read the taglines, mission statements, and marketing slogans from the IT vendors you buy from? Holy moly they're awful! Continue Reading