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vendor: A vendor (pronounced VEHN-duhr, from French vendre, meaning to sell) is any person or company that sells...

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Get Started Jun 30, 2008

Archiving vendors

Our Partner Program Directory is built to aid you in selecting an archiving vendor partner. Use the easy-to-read checklists to compare the benefits of various vendors or to review your competition's partner ... Continue Reading


Sep 23, 2008

Vendor tools

This section of the chapter excerpt will focus on the possible backup tools provided by vendors for VMware ESX. Continue Reading


By Rick Cook Mar 29, 2002

Selecting a data-vaulting vendor

Some advice on selecting a vaulting vendor. Continue Reading


By Randy Kerns Sep 03, 2003

Taking a peek into the minds of vendors

Taking a peek into the minds of vendors Continue Reading


By Joseph Granneman Problem Solve Oct 30, 2013

Evaluating vendor promises: How to create a vendor security checklist

For enterprises that need to weigh security requirements versus vendors' claims, a vendor security checklist can help. Expert Joe Granneman advises. Continue Reading


Dec 01, 2008

How to work with business intelligence vendors

Working with business intelligence vendors presents a different set of issues than working with many other types of technology vendors. Find out about the differences and learn how a vendor-neutral approach ... Continue Reading


By Rick Cook Problem Solve Jul 30, 2003

How to select a virtualization vendor

Find tips here on how to pick a storage virtualization vendor. Continue Reading


By Pierre Dorion Jan 19, 2005

Pros and cons of LTO vendors

Pierre Dorion details the benefits and drawbacks of LTO vendors. Continue Reading


By Lynn Haber Manage Aug 08, 2013

Managing vendor relationships: When to fire your vendor

Hear from two channel pros who have faced the decision to terminate a vendor partnership, and learn how they weighed the factors involved. Continue Reading


Jul 17, 2006

Quiz: Mobile CRM vendors

Trouble keeping up with CRM mobile vendors? Enhance your knowledge with this quiz from Learn about SFA vendors and resources. Continue Reading