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Sep 22, 2016

Channel benefitting from “misdirected” vendor funding

A large chunk of vendor funds are being paid to the wrong people for the wrong things Continue Reading


By Simon Dudley Evaluate Oct 28, 2016

Comparing the top video conferencing vendors and their products

Finding the right video conferencing product depends on the size of your business and your particular use case. On-premises and cloud services are also a key consideration. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Oct 28, 2016

Journey to the cloud: Are vendors doing enough for the channel?

Billy MacInnes asks whether vendors are doing enough for their channel partners to help them transition to selling cloud-based services Continue Reading


By Paul Crocetti News Oct 24, 2016

Acronis Storage signals vendor's software-defined push

Acronis, known for its backup and recovery offerings, has unveiled a software-defined storage product to the public for the first time, including blockchain integration. Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 14, 2016

ONC, EHR vendors step up to fight interoperability challenges

While the majority of physicians and hospitals use certified EHRs, the lack of national interoperability standards impedes the flow of health information exchange. Continue Reading


By Zeus Kerravala Evaluate Aug 10, 2016

How to evaluate team collaboration software vendors

The team collaboration software market has grown exponentially. To make sure employees have the right tools, organizations should carefully evaluate team collaboration vendors. Continue Reading


By Jeff Kato Get Started Oct 03, 2016

Competitive market pushes converged infrastructure vendors forward

Competition among converged infrastructure vendors will lead to winners and losers, but the biggest winner of all will be customers. Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Problem Solve Oct 03, 2016

NVM Express: Vendor-driven technology in search of a problem

NVMe improves the performance of flash storage, driving consumers to use it for performance problems even if it only leads to minimal gains in latency or throughput. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 03, 2016

Consumer marketing tips could help vendors improve loyalty

It is getting increasingly difficult getting reseller mindshare and growing loyalty but there are some lessons that can be learnt from supermarkets and Amazon Continue Reading


By Dan McMahon Manage Sep 30, 2016

The new vendor governance: Challenges, best practices

How do leading IT vendor governance offices successfully adapt to a rapidly changing business environment? Continue Reading