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By Rich Castagna ,Jim O'Reilly ,Jon Toigo Evaluate Dec 01, 2016

NVM Express, NAND flash energize storage vendors

Flash storage is the fastest-growing segment of the storage market, and there are a number of emerging drive technologies and flash standards that you should be aware of. The biggest news on the drive technology ... Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Evaluate Nov 30, 2016

How PHR vendors can drive interoperability, patient engagement

Personal health record vendors seek to gain widespread adoption among patients by centralizing patient-generated data and medical records. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Nov 30, 2016

The vendor neutral archive market heats up as technology advances

As technology advances, health systems are increasingly adopting vendor neutral archives to store, share and analyze medical images from multiple specialties, not only radiology. Continue Reading


Sep 22, 2016

Channel benefitting from “misdirected” vendor funding

A large chunk of vendor funds are being paid to the wrong people for the wrong things Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Nov 17, 2016

An inside look into cloud EHR vendor Practice Fusion

SearchHealthIT gets an inside look into cloud EHR vendor, Practice Fusion. The company's chief medical officer discusses the benefits of the cloud and the unique workplace culture. Continue Reading


By Andrew Froehlich Evaluate Nov 04, 2016

A comparison of the leading campus LAN switch vendors

Expert Andrew Froehlich examines the factors that will ultimately help you determine which campus LAN switch vendors and types are most suitable for your environment. Continue Reading


By Rich Castagna Evaluate Nov 04, 2016

Use caution when dealing with data storage vendor buzzwords

Data storage buyers must navigate through a complex maze of marketing buzzwords when evaluating data storage products before making a purchase decision. Continue Reading


By Dan Ring News Oct 31, 2016

Vendors showcase five new HCM technologies

SAP continuous performance management, Halogen mobile feedback and ADP benchmarking were among new products featured at the 2016 HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago. Continue Reading


By Simon Dudley Evaluate Oct 28, 2016

Comparing the top video conferencing vendors and their products

Finding the right video conferencing product depends on the size of your business and your particular use case. On-premises and cloud services are also a key consideration. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Oct 28, 2016

Journey to the cloud: Are vendors doing enough for the channel?

Billy MacInnes asks whether vendors are doing enough for their channel partners to help them transition to selling cloud-based services Continue Reading