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vendor: A vendor (pronounced VEHN-duhr, from French vendre, meaning to sell) is any person or company that sells...

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Evaluate Feb 10, 2015

Multi-vendor data center

There are a number of ways for IT to ease the process of managing a multi-vendor data center. This e-book series examines the best practices for vetting vendors, integrating new technology into the data center and ... Continue Reading


By Linda Rosencrance Evaluate Mar 25, 2015

Options abound from manufacturing ERP vendors

Companies evaluating manufacturing ERP products have many options. Understand your needs to ensure a vendor can meet your specific requirements. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Feb 27, 2015


By David Geer News Feb 17, 2015

What NFV vendors are currently on the market?

Many data centers are on the path to NFV. How are the NFV standards and vendor offerings guiding -- or challenging -- implementation? Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon News Mar 24, 2015

Vendors introduce three new SQL Server appliances

If SQL Server appliances are on your radar, you have options, but the price tag is high. Do your homework before buying. Here are the current offerings. Continue Reading


By Mike Matchett Get Started Mar 17, 2015

Are all software-defined storage vendors the same?

What does software-defined storage mean? How is it implemented? And why does it matter for data center managers? Continue Reading


By Albert J. Gyomber Evaluate Dec 19, 2014

Why MSPs should offer vendor management services

While IT solutions providers tend to avoid offering vendor management to their clients, firms may be missing out on a valuable opportunity to strengthen their client relationships. Continue Reading


Get Started Feb 23, 2015

Evaluating intrusion detection and prevention systems and vendors

Protecting the corporate network from intruders is a difficult task. Learn how intrusion systems help prevent, identify and minimize the effects of a breach. Continue Reading


By Bill Hayes Evaluate Feb 20, 2015

Evaluating enterprise intrusion detection system vendors

Selecting an intrusion detection and prevention system vendor can be a time-consuming task. Get help evaluating vendors and products with this list of must-ask questions. Plus, a comprehensive vendor list. Continue Reading


By Sharon Shea News Feb 20, 2015

Maintaining vendor trust proves tough for Lenovo, Microsoft

News roundup: Amid hidden add-ons, discontinued services and walled gardens, vendor trust proves elusive for several high-profile tech firms. Plus: Evidence ties North Korea to Sony Pictures hack; card brands boost... Continue Reading