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By Zeus Kerravala Evaluate Aug 10, 2016

How to evaluate team collaboration software vendors

The team collaboration software market has grown exponentially. To make sure employees have the right tools, organizations should carefully evaluate team collaboration vendors. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Aug 19, 2016

Explore five hyper-converged infrastructure vendors for VDI

HCI deployments are good for VDI, but finding the right vendor is tough. Nutanix, Cisco, SimpliVity and others offer strong options for VDI shops. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 14, 2016

Vendors sprucing up channel programmes

It seems to be the moment to give a channel partner programme a clean lick of paint Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Jun 15, 2016

Vendor marketing slogans are ridiculous

Have you ever actually read the taglines, mission statements, and marketing slogans from the IT vendors you buy from? Holy moly they're awful! Continue Reading


By Simon Dudley Evaluate Aug 11, 2016

Comparing the top video conferencing vendors and their products

Finding the right video conferencing product depends on the size of your business and your particular use case. On-premises and cloud services are also a key consideration. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Jun 01, 2016

ONC pushes vendors to disclose information

Moves by federal health regulators to pressure EHR vendors to reveal more information about pricing and functionality of their software are meeting a mixed response. ONC, at its annual meeting this ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 01, 2016

Channel calls for more vendor action in counterfeit printer fight

Context has found that the channel wants printer vendors to do more to try and combat the flow of counterfeit products Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Manage Jul 27, 2016

How can a vendor risk assessment help enterprise security?

Third-party vendors are necessary for organizations, but with them come more security risks. Expert Mike O. Villegas discusses how vendor risk assessments can help. Continue Reading


By Nicole Lewis Get Started Jul 22, 2016

Partner portals aim to strengthen vendor-channel relationships

Technology vendors are launching or reworking channel program portals, offering partners the ability to register deals, receive training and obtain marketing materials online. Continue Reading


By David Loshin Evaluate Mar 02, 2016

What to consider when evaluating Hadoop vendors

Before you evaluate specific Hadoop software or subscriptions, examine what features the vendor distributions provide and how they match your big data management needs. Continue Reading