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By Robert McFarlane Evaluate Sep 02, 2014

Centralized versus rack-mount UPS in telecom rooms

How does a rack-mount UPS stack up against a central data center UPS for telecom rooms? Money doesn't necessarily mean power. Continue Reading


Aug 25, 2014

Comparing of the cloud storage Titans: Amazon S3 versus Microsoft Azure

There are many vendors out there fighting for your cloud based storage space, with the two biggest being Microsoft Azure and Amazon's S3 offering. Here we compare the two to help you figure out which cloud storage ... Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Apr 07, 2014

VMware versus Hyper-V storage comparison

VMware versus Hyper-V storage: How do the two leading hypervisors compare when it comes to deploying storage and in terms of their key storage features and functionality? Continue Reading


Manage Jun 02, 2014

Threat intelligence versus risk: How much cybersecurity is enough?

Learn how threat intelligence plays into global risk assessment as more security officers are tasked with damage control. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 18, 2014

Balancing users' expectations versus data backup, recovery realities

George Crump discusses why IT must consider data backup, recovery realities in this video from his recent Storage Decisions presentation. Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Nov 05, 2013


Oct 04, 2013

Annotation versus XML configuration: Which JPA option to choose?

A common debate in the JPA community is whether to configure applications using an XML or annotations based approach. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose XML instead. Continue Reading


Jul 20, 2014

Template based web design with JSF Facelets: ui:insert versus ui:include

When creating a web page template with JSF, a developer needs to know the difference between ui:insert and ui:include. They're actually quite different, but the similar sounding names can create confusion. Here's a... Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve Aug 20, 2013

VMware versus Hyper-V: Cataloging the differences

Learn how to use VMware and Hyper-V. Although the two hypervisors have similar feature sets, feature capabilities can be somewhat different. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Jan 07, 2014

VDI storage basics and persistent versus non-persistent desktops

A look at the fundamentals of VDI storage and how to specify storage for likely workloads and persistent versus non-persistent desktops. Continue Reading