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By Richard Fichera Nov 21, 2016

Linux versus Unix hot patching

We examine the current state of play in the ongoing competition between the Linux and Unix server operating systems Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Oct 07, 2016

Security versus privacy: What's a company to do?

An expert panel debates the merits of privacy in a cybercrime world at the Cambridge Cyber Summit. Also in Searchlight: Google's new smartphone and Yahoo scans emails. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton News Jul 12, 2016

Consumer broadband habits versus next-gen services

G-PON as we know it today is rapidly approaching the end of the growth phase in its technology lifecycle, writes Adtran's Ronan Kelly. There is a surge in gigabit broadband service offerings that ... Continue Reading


By Philip Virgo News May 21, 2016

The battle for the heart of the Internet: advertisers versus users

The measures planned for inclusion in the Digital Economy Bill are unlikely to address the growing divide between the advertising-funded business models of global internet service providers and ... Continue Reading


By Philip Virgo News Feb 11, 2016

Investigatory Powers versus Fighting Fraud Together and the Skills for Both

the debate over investigatory powers can become so silo'd between competing groups of "experts" and miss the wider issues of facilitating co-operation to help secure the on-line world against a ... Continue Reading


News Feb 01, 2016

The private versus public cloud dilemma: Start with cost

Building a private cloud offers a host of appealing benefits, including a scalable computing base and speed as a result of standardization. It's a cloud implementation that has worked wonderfully for some ... Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Dec 04, 2015

Windows 10 privacy settings: Concerns versus reality

New Windows 10 privacy settings require balancing the benefits of new features against the risk of revealing too much personal information online. Expert Michael Cobb explains. Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei News Nov 06, 2015

ONUG Great Debate: Hardware versus software

The big question at ONUG's fall Great Debate: 'Will software solve networking's biggest problems?' Software narrowly beat hardware in a post-smack down audience poll. Continue Reading


By Jessica Twentyman Aug 28, 2015

Spark versus MapReduce: which way for enterprise IT?

The younger, nimbler Spark technology looks set to replace MapReduce in big data architectures. What is the pace, scope and scale of replacement? Continue Reading


Jan 07, 2016

The state of all-flash versus hybrid storage in Australia and New Zealand

Magnetic disk drives are yesterday’s technology. Soon all servers will be based on all-flash arrays – or will they? Continue Reading