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Numbering Decimal Versus Binary Bytes

By Ed Tittel 14 Aug 2017

When it comes to numbering Decimal versus Binary bytes for disk sizes, what drive manufacturers claim to deliver is more than what shows up when a drive gets mounted. Read More

EMM-managed IoT versus 3-tier IoT

By Jack Madden 04 Dec 2017

The use cases may not all be horizontal or apply to typical office workers, but we finally can answer the question, "What does IoT mean to EUC?" Read More

Office 32-bit versus 64-bit

By Ed Tittel 28 Aug 2017

In exploring Office 32-bit versus 64-bit versions, it seems that "small is beautiful" applies, or perhaps better guarantees of backward compatibility prevail. Read More

AI: A brief history of man versus machine intelligence

By Cliff Saran 02 Aug 2017

Over the last two decades machines have proved they can surpass humans at playing logical games Read More