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By Alissa Irei News Nov 06, 2015

ONUG Great Debate: Hardware versus software

The big question at ONUG's fall Great Debate: 'Will software solve networking's biggest problems?' Software narrowly beat hardware in a post-smack down audience poll. Continue Reading


By Jessica Twentyman Aug 28, 2015

Spark versus MapReduce: which way for enterprise IT?

The younger, nimbler Spark technology looks set to replace MapReduce in big data architectures. What is the pace, scope and scale of replacement? Continue Reading


News Oct 19, 2015

IT pros weigh Dell versus HP as one swells, the other splits

Dell will become a much bigger company following the purchase of EMC and VMware, begging the question of how it will match up against a newly split HP. Continue Reading


Feb 11, 2014

Information versus experience

Peter Tanner, CEO of Boomerang, has noted an increase in communication by channel firms but wonders if more information equals a good user experience Continue Reading


By Robert McFarlane Evaluate Sep 02, 2014

Centralized versus rack-mount UPS in telecom rooms

How does a rack-mount UPS stack up against a central data center UPS for telecom rooms? Money doesn't necessarily mean power. Continue Reading


By Robert Richardson News Apr 17, 2015

Machine versus the bots: Does your website pass the Turing 2.0 test?

New Web security models use browser behavior and polymorphism to protect against data theft and fraud. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Apr 07, 2014

VMware versus Hyper-V storage comparison

VMware versus Hyper-V storage: How do the two leading hypervisors compare when it comes to deploying storage and in terms of their key storage features and functionality? Continue Reading


Aug 25, 2014

Comparing of the cloud storage Titans: Amazon S3 versus Microsoft Azure

There are many vendors out there fighting for your cloud based storage space, with the two biggest being Microsoft Azure and Amazon's S3 offering. Here we compare the two to help you figure out which cloud storage ... Continue Reading


Manage Jun 02, 2014

Threat intelligence versus risk: How much cybersecurity is enough?

Learn how threat intelligence plays into global risk assessment as more security officers are tasked with damage control. Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei Evaluate Nov 11, 2015

ONUG 'Great Debate': The pro-software transcript

Check out the pro-software side of ONUG's debate at its Fall 2015 conference in a hardware versus software faceoff. Continue Reading