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view: In a database management system, a view is a way of portraying information in the database.

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News Sep 14, 2016

Oracle OpenWorld 2016: News and views

Oracle users from around the world gather at OpenWorld 2016 this month to hear Oracle's roadmap and how the company will deliver technologies that meet their business needs. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem Solve Sep 12, 2016

TaskSchedulerView IDs Cmd.exe Popups

Antagonized by random cmd.exe windows popping up and disappearing too quickly to read, I learned NirSofer's utility TaskSchedulerView IDs Cmd.exe popups Continue Reading


By Clive Longbottom Evaluate Sep 06, 2016

An in-depth view into the Ansible configuration management option

Ansible configuration management technology is flexible and available in a range of options. Learn the ins and outs of its products designed to meet IT configuration management needs. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Manage May 05, 2016

Refine your view of the sales funnel

The sales funnel is an instrumental image for marketers and sales representatives trying to corral prospects and turn them into customers. Like many business frameworks, it's useful, but sometimes those who employ ... Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Apr 20, 2016

The adoption of cloud in healthcare from a CIO's view

CIO Harun Rashid discusses the adoption of cloud in healthcare as well as the barriers and concerns many health IT professionals have when it comes to cloud computing. Continue Reading


By Fred Churchville News Aug 22, 2016

Google hackathon cracks open a view into a changing development world

A hackathon can do more than showcase cool apps. It can teach us about the developer community. This Q&A examines a Google-sponsored hackathon and the lessons it revealed. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Evaluate Aug 12, 2016

Boost VDI network connectivity with VMware Horizon View 7

VMware's Horizon View 7 introduces network connectivity to local view desktops, enhancing security and allowing virtual desktops to consume local resources, among other improvements. Continue Reading


By John Moore Evaluate Jan 28, 2016

Computing, then and now: A 30-year view

Computing has changed dramatically over the past 30 years, yet there are a few enduring patterns. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate Apr 08, 2016

Data virtualization ushers in unified view of data

A member-owned supply chain management company melded siloed data sets to gain a unified view of diverse data feeds. Continue Reading


News Jun 24, 2016

Dell software biz jettisoned to advance EMC buy, users' views mixed

Handing off most of its software business to private equity firms is one more step toward Dell's mega-purchase of EMC, and it gives users both clarity and concerns. Continue Reading