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view: In a database management system, a view is a way of portraying information in the database.

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Aug 03, 2001

View all hidden views

There is an undocumented feature built into the Notes client that allows users to view all hidden views in a database. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 13, 2001

Dynamic view

Dynamic view how-to. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Nov 02, 2001

Materialized views

Learn more about "Materialzed Views," a more powerful type of snapshot. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 21, 2005

Merging views

This tip explains how merging views can be helpful. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 25, 2006

Using views

Understand how and why views are used by administrators -- and when is the right time to use them -- in this book excerpt. Continue Reading


By Andre Guirard Manage Jun 18, 2001

Refer to a value in a view column from another view column

Create a view column that takes advantage of the calculations already done in other view columns. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 19, 2001

Multiple views in a browser

Display multiple views in a browser Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 11, 2007

Differences between tables and views

What are the differences between tables and views? Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 16, 2007


Manage Jun 04, 2001

Private views - how to get them

How to take care of private views. Continue Reading