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By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Nov 12, 2015

What's required for VMware Virtual Volumes?

Before you deploy VVOLs to help address storage management issues, there may be some upgrades you need to take care of -- including to vSphere. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Nov 20, 2015

What are the benefits of VMware Virtual Volumes?

As storage tries to catch up to the rest of the data center, VMware Virtual Volumes are helping to get there and support the trend toward software-defined storage. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch ,Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 25, 2015

Coupling virtualization and storage

The growing strain on storage systems has led IT to look for ways to help maximize efficiency and mitigate waste. It is possible to move away from traditional siloed LUNs and address storage volumes in terms of VMs... Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Nov 18, 2015

Data reduction methods for virtualized environments

Compression and deduplication are common data reduction methods used in virtual storage environments, but the technologies work at different storage levels. Continue Reading


By Nick Martin News Sep 01, 2015


By Alex Barrett Sep 01, 2015

VMware containers piggyback on virtualization

VMware's container strategy includes technologies tied to virtualization, but some, including Photon Platform, have yet to see the light of day. Continue Reading


By Mak King Manage Aug 31, 2015

How to handle a virtual attack

Make sure your comprehensive security design also includes an incident policy to help react to an online security breach. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 27, 2015

Storage for server virtualization: Available options

Every storage type has its benefits and drawbacks, but what is the best storage for server virtualization? Brien Posey discusses the different options for virtual environments. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Oct 27, 2015

Are containers the new virtual machines?

Virtual machines were once the hottest new technology, but now containers are gaining more and more steam in the data center. Continue Reading


By Mike Preston Get Started Oct 26, 2015

Tips on how to run Linux in a virtual machine

Here are some tips and tweaks on how to get the most out of running Linux virtualized in a VMware environment. Continue Reading