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Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of something, with the goal of centralizing ...Read More

Storage for containers and virtual environments

20 Nov 2017

In this e-guide we give you a complete run-through of the main choices in data storage for containers, look at the essentials of virtual servers storage, plus all you need to know about storage performance in ... Read More

The virtualization admin role redefined

By Brien Posey 15 Nov 2017

As more organizations move to hybrid cloud, multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud environments, virtualization administrator responsibilities evolve to accommodate those changes. Read More

Strengthen security in virtualization with these best practices

By Nick Moore 07 Nov 2017

Prioritize security across your organization, and establish policies that employ best practices, like least-privilege tactics, security audits and update and patch automation. Read More

FAQ: Windows 10 virtual desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 18 Oct 2017

Whether or not to virtualize Windows 10 desktops is a big choice. Built-in features, such as Microsoft User Experience Virtualization and App-V, make it easier. Read More

Why should IT virtualize Windows 10?

By Theresa Miller 16 Aug 2017

There are several key benefits to virtualizing Windows 10, including making the entire deployment process easier and simplifying patch management. Read More

The definitive application virtualization capacity plan

By Robert Sheldon 05 Oct 2017

Application virtualization capacity planning comes down to four main points of emphasis, including knowing user needs and understanding hardware requirements. Read More

Virtualization Means CPU Microcode Matters

By Ed Tittel 27 Sep 2017

Virtualization means CPU microcode matters; it also means that if BIOS updates don't address microcode issues, manual updates may be needed. Read More

SD-WAN best path to virtualized networks of the future

By Tom Nolle 20 Nov 2017

Four approaches could create virtualized networks 10 years from now. Out of SD-WAN, SDN, overlays, and virtual routers and switches, SD-WAN looks like the frontrunner. Read More

How are virtualization trends affecting enterprise SBCs?

By Carrie Higbie Goetz 16 Nov 2017

Virtualizing enterprise session border controllers can help reduce business expenses. Networking expert Carrie Higbie Goetz explains how to deploy virtual SBCs successfully. Read More

Customize desktops with application virtualization tools

By Tom Howarth 14 Sep 2017

With application virtualization tools, IT can deliver some of the customization users desire, even in nonpersistent VDI deployments. Read More