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virtualization: Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an ...

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By Rick Cook Problem Solve Nov 02, 2001

Virtualize storage

Tips on setting up virtual storage. Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 15, 2010

Virtualization networking guide: Managing virtualization

Networking professionals must understand how server virtualization affects the network. This virtualization networking guide examines capacity planning for virtual server networking, managing virtual networks ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 14, 2010

Managing virtualization: Virtualization networking FAQ

Virtualization affects the job of every networking professional who uses server virtualization. This FAQ examines virtualization networking questions as answered by a panel of networking and virtualization experts. Continue Reading


By Donald Rosenberg Problem Solve Jan 05, 2007

Virtualization on Linux

Finding affordable virtualization products for Linux. Continue Reading


By John Burke Problem Solve Jul 16, 2009

With virtual OS and virtual applications, who needs virtual machines?

Everyone is looking for a way to better use their server capacity, but server virtualization poses a whole new set of problems. So some IT experts are turning to virtual OS and virtual applications as an ... Continue Reading


By Jim Metzler, Ph.D. Problem Solve Aug 17, 2010

Using virtual appliances and desktop virtualization

IT organizations are implementing desktop virtualization and virtual appliances for virtual WAN optimization and virtual application delivery, but there are challenges to overcome along the way. Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 20, 2007

Documenting Virtual Server virtual machines

How is virtual machine documentation handled in Microsoft Virtual Server? Find out. Continue Reading


Oct 01, 2007

Virtualization videocasts

This page offers a library of video interviews about the latest virtualization technologies, solutions for virtual environment management challenges and more. Continue Reading


News Jun 13, 2005

The virtual reality of virtualization

Virtualization has become such a hot topic that many data center managers see it as a panacea, without taking into account just how early in its lifecycle the technology actually is. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 07, 2010

Virtualization storage, virtualized applications and more resolutions

Members of our Server Virtualization Advisory Board resolve to focus on virtualization storage, deploy more virtualized applications and upgrade to new technologies in 2010. Continue Reading