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VMware: VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider for x86-compatible computers.

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By Cliff Saran Nov 13, 2008


By Mike Laverick May 25, 2012

VMware backup and the VMware snapshot

The VMware snapshot is a critical component of VMware backup. In this guide to the basics of VMware backup, we walk you through the key processes and suggest some best practices. Continue Reading


By Mike Laverick Evaluate Oct 21, 2010

From VMware virtualization to the VMware cloud

To stay relevant, VMware has to evolve beyond virtualization and toward cloud technologies. This tip examines VMware's history and explains why it needs the cloud. Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 05, 2010

VMware security: Protecting a VMware environment

There are several ways to improve VMware security to protect a VMware environment from hackers and exploits. In this section, we show you how. Continue Reading


By Mike Laverick Sep 10, 2010


Feb 22, 2011

VMware tutorials’s tutorials provide information technology (IT) professionals with the most relevant information on implementing VMware-related virtualization technologies for server consolidation, disaster ... Continue Reading


By Mike Laverick Problem Solve Dec 03, 2008

VMware View the new name for

VMware release VMware View the new name for the “old” VMware Desktop Manager. Continue Reading


Feb 15, 2006

VMware for virtualisation

Virtual infrastructure software provider VMware has launched an entry-level hosted virtualisation product for Linux and Windows servers. Continue Reading


By Keith Kessinger News Mar 19, 2010

VMware at a glance: a Microsoft initiative to poach VMware customers

This week's VMware news roundup includes Microsoft poaching VMware customers through a cutthroat promotion and new VMware product releases and betas. Continue Reading


By Eric Siebert Get Started Jul 13, 2009

From VMware beginner to VMware expert: The must-have resources

If you're a VMware beginner, there is no 'easy button' to get VMware expertise. But the VMware resources listed here can jump-start your journey to VMware expert status. Continue Reading