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VMware: VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider for x86-compatible computers.

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By Robert Sheldon Get Started Jan 21, 2016

How VMware App Volumes works

VMware App Volumes offers IT admins a way to deliver persistent applications from a nonpersistent virtual desktop pool. Learn exactly how this technology works. Continue Reading


Sep 24, 2015


By Stuart Burns Get Started Dec 07, 2015

VMware Photon Controller makes VMware containers a reality

VMware's Photon Platform, consisting of Photon Machine and Photon Controller, represents a change towards a service-oriented DevOps model of management. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Get Started Dec 29, 2015

How to install VMware's Photon OS

Join IT pro Stuart Burns as he takes us through the installation process for the foundation of VMware's Photon Platform, Photon OS. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart News Dec 23, 2015


Sep 09, 2015


By Nick Martin Evaluate Dec 10, 2015

Differences between VMware container platforms

VMware now offers two container platforms, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Jan 27, 2016

VMware: 2016 to be a year of transition

The virtualisation giant warns that 2016 will be a bumpy ride as it reports its fourth quarter results Continue Reading


By Trevor Pott Get Started Jan 15, 2016

Understanding the significance of the VMware Photon Platform

VMware has faced stiff competition from Microsoft and open source providers, forcing the company to address gaps in its software. Thanks to Photon Platform, VMware may just come out on top. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Nov 12, 2015

What's required for VMware Virtual Volumes?

Before you deploy VVOLs to help address storage management issues, there may be some upgrades you need to take care of -- including to vSphere. Continue Reading