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Augmented vs. artificial intelligence: What's the difference?

By Roei Ganzarski 17 Nov 2017

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic, but as BoldIQ's Roei Ganzarski notes, true AI doesn't exist today; what we're experiencing is augmented intelligence. Read More

Slack vs. Teams vs. Spark: Which is the best collaboration tool?

By Reda Chouffani 23 Oct 2017

Ever wonder how the leading cloud collaboration tools stack up? Our comprehensive chart pits platforms from Slack, Microsoft and Cisco against each other. Read More

NOR vs. NAND flash memory: What companies need to know

By John Edwards 15 Nov 2017

NOR and NAND flash memory each suit different use cases, and companies looking at a flash memory product need to know the difference before they buy. Read More

Nonpersistent vs. persistent VDI showdown

11 Sep 2017

Take a look at persistent and nonpersistent VDI, and see how they differ. Discover tips for the best deployment approaches and the terms behind it all. Read More

GraphQL vs. REST: Nailing down the pros and cons of each

By Zachary Flower 10 Nov 2017

While no one can deny the popularity of REST, GraphQL has emerged as a viable contender to REST, particularly when it comes to certain data structures. Zach Flower explains. Read More

Data context vs. content in an IIoT environment

By Christopher Bergey 02 Nov 2017

Before extracting value and intelligence from IoT data, companies must understand the difference between content and context relating to an IIoT environment. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure appliances vs. DIY options

By Erin Sullivan 30 Oct 2017

If you're ready to invest in a hyper-converged infrastructure, it's worth it to explore all your possibilities. Take our quiz and decide if a prebuilt or DIY system is right for you. Read More

Dimension tables vs. fact tables: What's the difference?

By David Loshin 27 Oct 2017

Fact tables and dimension tables are used together in star schemas to support data analytics applications. But they play different roles and hold different types of data. Read More

When to use published apps vs. streaming apps

By Brien Posey 25 Oct 2017

Don't get lost in application delivery. Compare application publishing and streaming to find the best option for an organization's unique setup and needs. Read More

Hard disk vs. flash storage: The fight of the century?

24 Oct 2017

When deciding which storage method you want in your corner, the benefits of flash storage are very appealing. But should you forget about hard disk arrays entirely? Read More