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Conversations: Any opinion on SharePoint vs. Samepage?

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By Chris Evans Nov 26, 2015

Snapshots: Hypervisor vs Array

Snapshots are a valuable part of the data protection toolkit, but where is it best to run them from – the hypervisor or the storage array? We look at the pros and cons Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Manage Jan 11, 2016

Mobile devices vs. legacy software

The move to smart devices can't be stopped. That means new opportunities for developers, especially in transaction processing and payments. But, don't lose sight of the legacy applications that ... Continue Reading


By David Linthicum Evaluate Feb 08, 2016

Evaluating Azure Container Service vs. Google and AWS

AWS, Google and Azure container service all offer their own container service. And while they each have their pros and cons, the best service for you depends on your application needs. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 29, 2015

Containers vs. VMs: What's the difference?

Containers have rapidly come into focus as an option for deploying applications, but they have limitations and are fundamentally different from VMs. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Manage Dec 30, 2015

How to balance mobile device privacy vs. security

If employers are transparent with workers and respect their mobile device privacy concerns, workers will be more accepting of their security measures. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Dec 28, 2015

Block-level deduplication vs. zone-level deduplication

Block-level deduplication is a popular form of the dedupe process, but it has its drawbacks. Discover why zone-level deduplication may be better for your storage environment. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart News Dec 23, 2015


By George Crump Evaluate Dec 23, 2015

Hyper-converged architecture: Aggregation vs. replication

Learn the benefits of aggregation in a hyper-converged environment, how to choose between aggregation and replication, and the compromise to each approach. Continue Reading


Evaluate Dec 23, 2015


By Clive Longbottom Get Started Dec 16, 2015

Budgets prompt data center vs. colocation discussion

Rather than spending another budget cycle struggling to fund the data center, start outsourcing selectively -- and improve at the same time. Continue Reading