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Know when to implement serverless vs. containers

By Tom Nolle 27 Dec 2017

Containers save resources and reduce deploy times. So does serverless. Containers are a great host for microservices. So is serverless. But the deployment options are more different than they are alike. Read More

Augmented vs. artificial intelligence: What's the difference?

By Roei Ganzarski 17 Nov 2017

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic, but as BoldIQ's Roei Ganzarski notes, true AI doesn't exist today; what we're experiencing is augmented intelligence. Read More

Converged vs. hyper-converged labels don't apply to some products

By Alastair Cooke 17 Jan 2018

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure labels are becoming less clear as vendors such as NetApp and Datrium introduce products that allow for scaling components separately. Read More

The case for private cloud vs. public cloud implementation

By Stephen J. Bigelow 08 Jan 2018

Take security, compliance, cost and scalability into account when deciding between a private and public cloud. Also, think about the future potential of hybrid cloud adoption. Read More

Slack vs. Teams vs. Spark: Which is the best collaboration tool?

By Reda Chouffani 23 Oct 2017

Ever wonder how the leading cloud collaboration tools stack up? Our comprehensive chart pits platforms from Slack, Microsoft and Cisco against each other. Read More

Compare machine vs. deep learning services in the cloud

By David Linthicum 20 Dec 2017

Machine learning and deep learning increasingly make their way into the enterprise. Assess which AI technology is right for you, and the public cloud services that support them. Read More

Hiring vs. training data scientists: The case for each approach

By Tianhui Michael Li 21 Nov 2017

Hiring data scientists is easier said than done -- so should you try to train current employees in data science skills? That depends on your company's needs, writes one analytics expert. Read More

Nonpersistent vs. persistent VDI showdown

11 Sep 2017

Take a look at persistent and nonpersistent VDI, and see how they differ. Discover tips for the best deployment approaches and the terms behind it all. Read More

NOR vs. NAND flash memory: What companies need to know

By John Edwards 15 Nov 2017

NOR and NAND flash memory each suit different use cases, and companies looking at a flash memory product need to know the difference before they buy. Read More