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Get Started Jan 28, 2015

AWS vs. Google comparison guide

AWS and Google are slugging it out in the public cloud ring -- going blow for blow on price and features. How do they compare on performance and cost? Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Jan 13, 2015

Thin provisioning – hypervisor vs array

Thin provisioning can be done at the storage array or virtualisation hypervisor. We look at the pros and cons of each – or both Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Mar 02, 2015

Automation vs. computer augmentation: What's best for business?

Tom Davenport lays out five strategies for surviving automation; big data evolves; and the high-end food industry feasts on big data: The Data Mill reports. Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Evaluate Feb 27, 2015

Tape vs. disk: Which offers the greatest energy efficiency?

Jon Toigo looks at the factors that determine whether disk or tape is more energy-efficient. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Feb 27, 2015

$/GB vs $/IOPS and how to compare enterprise storage pricing

While raw drive prices are pennies per GB, the actual cost of enterprise storage is much higher. Finding a baseline can save you money Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Get Started Feb 20, 2015

Which shops should use DaaS vs. VDI?

Shops that only need to support a few virtual desktops, have transient desktop needs or lack the in-house expertise to do VDI are all good potential DaaS customers. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Feb 17, 2015

Skype vs. Tox: Which is better for secure communications?

Securing enterprise communications has become a top concern lately. However, finding the application that best suits your enterprise security needs can be challenging. Michael Cobb advises. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Feb 17, 2015

UTM vs. NGFW: Unique products or advertising semantics?

In comparing UTM vs. NGFW, organizations find it difficult to see if there are differences between the two products or if it is just marketing semantics. Continue Reading


By Trevor Jones News Dec 03, 2014

Choosing between AWS vs. Google vs. Azure cloud storage

AWS, Google and Microsoft all offer comparable prices for cloud storage, so don't let pricing be the ultimate factor in selecting a cloud vendor. Continue Reading


By Pete Lindstrom Manage Feb 10, 2015

Credit card protection tactics: Technology vs. standards

In 2014 shoppers spent almost $300 billion dollars online (a number expected to grow in future years). There was a significant number of online fraud attempts, too—and about 78% of those were made through website ... Continue Reading