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By Patrick Hubbard Evaluate Apr 06, 2015

Cisco vs. VMware vs. BYOC: Bright-box war heats up

Big vendors like HP are jumping on the bright-box bandwagon, which could represent a new angle in the Cisco ACI-VMware NSX showdown. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Apr 10, 2015

AWS security groups vs. traditional firewalls: What's the difference?

AWS security groups provide network-based blocking mechanisms, much like traditional firewalls. Expert Dan Sullivan explains the differences between the two. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Apr 08, 2015

Comparing converged vs. hyper-converged infrastructure

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure can tear down traditional data center silos, but they each do so a little differently. One's more customizable than the other. Continue Reading


Get Started Jan 28, 2015

AWS vs. Google comparison guide

AWS and Google are slugging it out in the public cloud ring -- going blow for blow on price and features. How do they compare on performance and cost? Continue Reading


By Manek Dubash Apr 01, 2015

Mobile device management (MDM) vs backup

MDM tackles the challenge of mobile devices flooding the enterprise, but it doesn’t mean you can stop worrying about mobile data protection Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett News Mar 31, 2015

AWS vs. VMware in Pentagon virtualization contract

AWS called shenanigans on the renewal of a VMware virtualization license agreement at the Pentagon, pointing to the deal's anti-compete nature. Continue Reading


By George Crump Evaluate Mar 30, 2015

Object storage vs. block storage in the cloud

Object storage isn't your only choice when it comes to the cloud. George Crump digs into the benefits of alternative storage technologies such as NAS and block. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Jan 13, 2015

Thin provisioning – hypervisor vs array

Thin provisioning can be done at the storage array or virtualisation hypervisor. We look at the pros and cons of each – or both Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Mar 02, 2015

Automation vs. computer augmentation: What's best for business?

Tom Davenport lays out five strategies for surviving automation; big data evolves; and the high-end food industry feasts on big data: The Data Mill reports. Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Evaluate Feb 27, 2015

Tape vs. disk: Which offers the greatest energy efficiency?

Jon Toigo looks at the factors that determine whether disk or tape is more energy-efficient. Continue Reading