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Conversations: Any opinion on SharePoint vs. Samepage?

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By Brien Posey Evaluate Jul 28, 2016

Considerations for virtual application delivery vs. full desktops

Deciding whether to deploy full virtual desktops or just a few virtual applications -- or a combination of the two -- comes down to issues of compatibility and end-user productivity. Continue Reading


By Marc Staimer Evaluate Jul 20, 2016

The cloud storage infrastructure decision: Public vs. private

Public and private cloud infrastructures are flexible, scalable and relatively low in cost. However, each cloud implementation has its familiar and lesser-known downsides. Continue Reading


By Paul Korzeniowski Evaluate May 17, 2016

The AWS vs. Azure race isn't over yet

AWS has been king of the public cloud mountain for years. But now, Azure is steadily climbing up, with a host of new services in tow. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Jul 13, 2016

Enterprises weigh Chef Automate as totality vs. choice

Chef Automate bakes several tools into a single offering that hits the spot for many enterprises, though there is also overlap with existing tools. Continue Reading


By Sue Troy Evaluate Jul 12, 2016

Blockchain market outlook: Hype vs. reality

There are predictions that the blockchain market will change the nature of business transactions. But how much of that is hype? One analyst weighs in on the topic. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Evaluate May 04, 2016

Compare AWS vs. Azure vs. Google big data services

Big data services are an attractive cloud lure for enterprises. AWS, Azure and Google are fighting for number one, but who will come out on top? Continue Reading


By Mekhala Roy Get Started Jun 24, 2016

Bimodal IT operations: Myths vs. facts

With two-speed IT delivery gaining popularity, it is time to dispel the myths about bimodal IT operations and understand the modes of deployment being used. Kurt Marko explains. Continue Reading


By Jack Madden Evaluate Apr 12, 2016

How to select app development frameworks: Native vs. Web vs. hybrid

IT should take into account device integrations and access methods when choosing which types of apps to develop and deliver. Continue Reading


By Keith Townsend ,Stephen J. Bigelow ,Antone Gonsalves Evaluate Jun 22, 2016

A closer look at SDN vs. traditional networking

Software-defined networking, or SDN, allows network engineers and admins to respond quickly to changing business environments. When it comes to SDN vs. traditional networking, the latter is often viewed separately ... Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Evaluate Jun 22, 2016

Delegator vs. micromanager: What kind of boss are you?

Being a delegator is one of the hardest jobs for a leader. Joseph Flahiff explains. Continue Reading