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By Nick Lewis Evaluate Jun 17, 2016

Why wasn't the Java serialization vulnerability patched?

An old Java serialization vulnerability has popped up again in PayPal's servers. Expert Nick Lewis explains how this vulnerability works and why it had not been patched. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started Jun 28, 2016

The problem with Badlock and branded vulnerability marketing

Branded vulnerability marketing, such as in the case of Badlock, can raise challenges for responsible disclosure. Expert Nick Lewis explains the problems it creates. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright Evaluate Jul 28, 2016

Risk & Repeat: How bad is the httpoxy vulnerability?

In this Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors analyze the httpoxy vulnerability and discuss why it took so long to uncover and address a 15-year-old security flaw. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Jul 27, 2016

KeySniffer vulnerability enables eavesdropping on wireless keyboards

The KeySniffer wireless vulnerability goes beyond the similar MouseJack flaw in exposing users of inexpensive wireless keyboards to sniffing, injection attacks. Continue Reading


By Steve Weissman Manage May 26, 2016

Beat hackers with a vulnerability assessment process

Get started on a vulnerability risk assessment process to prevent hacks on data, applications and more. Take these steps to identify vulnerabilities and improve risk management. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Mar 25, 2016

How to tell a security backdoor from a vulnerability

Security backdoors and security vulnerabilities can often be confused with one another. Expert Michael Cobb offers guidance on distinguishing the two. Continue Reading


By Mary K. Pratt Evaluate Jul 25, 2016

Concerned about mobile vulnerabilities, CIOs add security layers

IT leaders are adding more security layers in an effort to protect against mobility threats. What tools are in their portfolios? Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Jul 18, 2016

Responsible disclosure of latest named vulnerability, 'httpoxy'

Responsible disclosure wins as researchers roll out branded website for 'httpoxy,' a set of vulnerabilities in server-side web apps that use the HTTP_PROXY variable. Continue Reading


By Sean Martin Evaluate Jul 14, 2016

Cybersecurity blind spots: Mitigating risks and vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity blind spots based in risk and vulnerabilities can be difficult to spot and address. Sean Martin talks with security experts on how to overcome that challenge. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Jul 08, 2016

Risk & Repeat: More critical Symantec vulnerabilities emerge

In this Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss a new Google Project Zero report on yet another round of critical Symantec vulnerabilities. Continue Reading