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By Rob Wright Get Started Aug 05, 2015

The right approach for a vulnerability disclosure policy

Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek discussed the hot topic of responsible vulnerability disclosure policies, and the friction between Google and Microsoft, at RSA Conference 2015. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started Jul 29, 2015

ERP security: How to defend against SAP vulnerabilities

A recent study revealed more than 95% of SAP systems were exposed to potentially disastrous vulnerabilities. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to mitigate these SAP vulnerabilities and maintain ERP security. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Aug 19, 2015

A vulnerable week: Tech firms scramble to release patches

It's been a tough week, with vulnerabilities found in Microsoft, Apple and Google platforms. Even Mumsnet has been attacked Continue Reading


By Randall Gamby Manage Jun 01, 2015

Understanding and mitigating a FREAK vulnerability attack

After the discovery that the FREAK vulnerability can affect a wide variety of OSes, enterprises should amp up mitigation efforts. Here's some background on the attack and how to stop it. Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby May 28, 2015

Zero-day security vulnerabilities on the rise

Secunia Vulnerability Update shows cyber attacks increasing in sophistication Continue Reading


By Maxim Tamarov News Jul 30, 2015

Xceedium turns deaf ear, triggers vulnerability disclosure

Swiss research group modzero disclosed a vulnerability that enabled remote attacks on Xceedium's Xsuite privileged access manager. Continue Reading


Mar 13, 2015

Business risks of software vulnerabilities

This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis Series looks at how four sources of risk are relevant for evaluating the influence of software vulnerabilities on businesses. Continue Reading


By Brian Holak News Jul 17, 2015

Adobe Flash vulnerabilities a tipping point for Mozilla, Facebook

Mozilla, Google and Facebook united in dissent following the discovery of more Adobe Flash vulnerabilities. Why does it matter to CIOs? Also in Searchlight: Prime Day disappoints; Reddit resolves to clean up ... Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Problem Solve Jun 30, 2015

Addressing the VENOM cloud vulnerability with cloud patch management

The VENOM cloud vulnerability was called the next Heartbleed, but how bad is it? Expert Rob Shapland explains the affect it should have on your enterprise. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jun 26, 2015

Business urged to patch Cisco SSH vulnerability

The presence of a default authorised SSH key could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to connect to the affected system with the privileges of the root user, Cisco warns Continue Reading