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A vulnerability, in information technology (IT), is a flaw in code or design that creates a potential ...Read More

The vulnerability management process after Equifax

By James Ringold 01 Nov 2017

Cataclysmic security incidents highlight the importance of a vulnerability management program versus a patch management system. Here's how to implement a risk-based approach. Read More

Cyberthreats, cyber vulnerabilities, and how to fight back

01 Dec 2017

The key to countering cyberthreats today is to first understand your biggest vulnerabilities and then research the most effective countermeasures available to minimize them. Read More

What QNAP vulnerabilities affected storage devices?

By Judith Myerson 16 Nov 2017

QNAP vulnerabilities in NAS enabled attackers to control devices. Expert Judith Myerson explains each of the QNAP NAS vulnerabilities and their fixes. Read More

Emerging Asia most vulnerable to malware

By Aaron Tan 24 Aug 2017

Bangladesh and Pakistan have the highest malware encounter rates around the world, followed by two other countries in the ASEAN region – Cambodia and Indonesia, according to Microsoft’s ... Read More

How can a vulnerability in Ruggedcom switches be mitigated?

By Judith Myerson 15 Dec 2017

Vulnerabilities in Ruggedcom switches could open the industrial switches and other communication devices up to attacks. Expert Judith Myerson explains how to mitigate the risks. Read More

The internet of things and cybersecurity vulnerabilities

By Brian Berger 28 Jul 2017

IoT creates cybersecurity vulnerabilities in every capacity, from homes to critical infrastructure. Cytellix's Brian Berger offers tips to help stay safe. Read More

CISOs take notice as GPS vulnerabilities raise alarms

By Alan R. Earls 01 Dec 2017

GPS has been extraordinarily reliable, but there's a growing chorus of experts who say it's time to assess GPS security and consider protective strategies. Read More

Multiple Intel firmware vulnerabilities in Management Engine

By Michael Heller 21 Nov 2017

Security researchers tested the controversial Intel Management Engine and other products, finding multiple Intel firmware vulnerabilities. Read More

Risk & Repeat: Vulnerabilities Equities Process gets an update

By Rob Wright 21 Nov 2017

In this week's Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss the new charter for the Vulnerabilities Equities Process and what it means for the infosec community. Read More

New VEP Charter promises vulnerability transparency

By Michael Heller 15 Nov 2017

The White House wants a more open Vulnerabilities Equities Process and has unveiled a new VEP Charter in order to promote transparency in bug reviews. Read More