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By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Mar 25, 2016

How to tell a security backdoor from a vulnerability

Security backdoors and security vulnerabilities can often be confused with one another. Expert Michael Cobb offers guidance on distinguishing the two. Continue Reading


By Brad Causey Problem Solve May 03, 2016

How to resolve Web application security vulnerabilities

Web application security vulnerabilities exist from browser to SSL/TLS. Expert Brad Causey explains how application security testing and Web application firewalls can address this. Continue Reading


By Ben Cole Evaluate Apr 07, 2016

Governance tactics to reduce cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Companies' huge data volumes create numerous cybersecurity challenges, but a strong governance program provides a big boost to data protection efforts. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 17, 2016

Google Project Zero discloses dangerous Symantec vulnerability

Google Project Zero disclosed a Symantec vulnerability that can be exploited with zero interaction and was described being as bad as it can possibly get. Continue Reading


By Bob Tarzey News May 17, 2016

Updates, updates – hares and tortoises in the software vulnerability race

One of the first lines of defence an organisation should have in its battle against cyber-crime is up to date software. There are challenges in achieving this, but they can be surmounted. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Evaluate Jan 12, 2016

Introduction to vulnerability management tools

Expert Ed Tittel explores how vulnerability management tools can help organizations of all sizes uncover defense weaknesses and close security gaps before they are exploited by attackers. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 13, 2016

FBI asked for responsible disclosure of Tor vulnerability

A court filing is asking the FBI for responsible disclosure of the Tor vulnerability used to exploit the Tor browser and de-anonymize users during a criminal investigation. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News May 13, 2016

DHS warns on actively exploited SAP Java vulnerability

DHS US-CERT warns of a patched SAP Java vulnerability from 2010 that has enabled breaches at three dozen global enterprises due to configuration issues. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Mar 09, 2016

Crowdsourced vulnerability patching could save us all

Patching systems can be time-consuming and troublesome, so one expert suggests crowdsourced vulnerability patching to make the process faster and easier. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News May 06, 2016

Commercial code riddled with open source vulnerabilities

Roundup: Customers, vendors both unaware of unpatched open source vulnerabilities in commercial software. Plus OpenSSL patches, warrantless wiretaps and more. Continue Reading