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By Jack Madden Oct 10, 2016

My thoughts on VMware AirWatch Connect 2016

AirWatch Connect 2016 was last week: Here’s the top news, plus Jack’s full analysis. Topics include Windows 10, Identity, AI, AR glasses, apps, and more. Continue Reading


By Matthew Pascucci Evaluate Sep 26, 2016

Threat monitoring: Why watching the dark web is crucial

Enterprises should broaden their threat monitoring to include dark web sites. Expert Matt Pascucci explains why it's important, and what enterprises can learn from the dark web. Continue Reading


By Todd Knapp Manage Aug 10, 2016

Four problem areas to watch for when VDI troubleshooting

When it comes to VDI, IT must be ready to troubleshoot common problems associated with virtual desktop performance, back-end infrastructure, product platforms and persona management. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Problem Solve Aug 05, 2016

Show off your knowledge of Apple Watch for business users

The Apple Watch's release caused a stir, but does it fit in the office? This quiz tests you on the top Apple Watch business features that could bring the device into the workplace. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Manage May 16, 2016


By Eddie Lockhart Manage May 16, 2016


By Ramin Edmond Manage Oct 11, 2016

VMware AirWatch policy and configuration tips you might not know about

There are some under-the-radar features that IT pros can take advantage of when it comes to VMware AirWatch configuration and policy settings. Automation can also be beneficial. Continue Reading


By Chris Moyer Evaluate Oct 07, 2016

Custom AWS metrics maximize use of CloudWatch Logs

Unlike standard app dev methods, serverless computing with AWS Lambda does not enable easy debugging. These tools can help developers keep an eye out for Lambda errors. Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Oct 04, 2016

AirWatch 9.0 adds support for augmented reality technology and more

AirWatch looks to get out ahead of the emerging era of wearables and internet of things devices by adding support for AR headsets and smartglasses to AirWatch 9.0. Continue Reading


By Jack Madden Oct 04, 2016

AirWatch Connect 2016: Live blog and news updates

The VMware AirWatch Connect conference is going on now. Follow along here for everything you need to know. Continue Reading