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Cisco Security Connector watches activity on iPhone, iPad

By Antone Gonsalves 15 Dec 2017

Cisco launches a security app for Apple iOS devices. The Cisco Security Connector lets companies protect network activity generated by employees using corporate iPhones and iPads. Read More

Trends in data storage 2018: Five hot techs to watch

By James Alan Miller 05 Dec 2017

Our hot data storage technology trends for 2018 include predictive storage analytics, ransomware protection, converged secondary storage, multi-cloud and NVMe over Fabrics. Read More

Why you should watch 'Planet of the Apps' at least once

By Valerie Silverthorne 21 Jun 2017

Reality TV meets legit software developers and celebrities in Apple's new 'Planet of the Apps.' TechTarget application development editors tuned in, and these are their reviews. Read More

Apple Watch LTE connectivity is right on time

By Ramin Edmond 10 Aug 2017

Apple is about to address a huge drawback of the Apple Watch by giving it LTE connectivity so it can access the internet without Wi-Fi or a tethered iPhone. Read More

More cybersecurity trends to watch for in 2017

By John Moore 16 Jan 2017

Cybersecurity trends in 2017 may include a growing role for SDN, a higher profile for CASB and changes in privacy and security law. Read More

Face ID and Apple Watch 3 enterprise issues to start thinking about

By Colin Steele 13 Sep 2017

IT may have to pay more attention to Apple Watch 3 enterprise management now that the device isn't tied to an iPhone. Face ID enterprise security is another concern. Read More

Orchestration software: The functions and vendors to watch

10 Feb 2017

Enterprises must keep their IT processes on track to stay ahead in the DevOps era. Solid orchestration software will pull automation tasks together and accelerate workflows. Read More

VMware AirWatch will support full Chromebook management

By Jack Madden 22 Aug 2017

Google’s Chrome Device Management is quite powerful, and this is the first time it is being opened up to an EMM partner. Read More

WatchGuard launches new firewall appliances, 5G focus of MWC

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 18 Aug 2017

Bloggers examine WatchGuard firewall appliances, explore transparency as a vendor virtue and assess the role of 5G in future SD-WAN deployments. Read More

GUEST BLOG: Apple Watch is for girls (and that's a good thing)

By Clare McDonald 14 Aug 2017

In this guest post Dr Sunny Bains, editorial director of UCL ENGins and lecturer specialising in stories on emerging technologies in AI, computing, and telecoms, discusses why the Apple Watch is ... Read More