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By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 20, 2016

DevOps capabilities vary widely by industry vertical

DevOps isn't the same from one IT shop to another, let alone from healthcare to retail IT. Some verticals rise higher than others when it comes to agility and communication. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 19, 2016


By Caroline Donnelly Jul 20, 2016

BT broadband users hit by UK-wide outage

Telecommunications giant incurs the wrath of BT broadband users after thousands struggle to get online, following power outage at third-party datacentre provider Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Sep 20, 2016

Digital Catapult sets up London-wide IoT network

The Digital Catapult is launching a London-wide internet of things network to support digital startups and SMEs as they develop applications and use-cases Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jun 21, 2016

Angus Council signs up to Scottish Wide Area Network

Angus Council has become the latest local authority in Scotland to sign up to the Scottish Wide Area Network, or Swan, for enhanced public services delivery Continue Reading


By Kevin Tolly Evaluate Sep 08, 2016

Picking the best software-defined wide area network product

The traditional hardware-driven wide area network was slow and expensive. It was just a matter of time -- and technology -- before the software-defined wide area network became a reality. The arrival of the SD-WAN,... Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Jun 15, 2016

Only quarter of banks have company-wide digital strategy

Almost all banks are doing some kind of digital transformation, but they are missing out on the full benefits due to a lack of focus on end-to-end change, according to research Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 05, 2016

Microsoft gets wide support in fight against US gagging orders

Microsoft wins support from a wide range of US organisations in its push back against the secrecy of US government data access requests Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Sharon Shea News Sep 02, 2016

Z-Wave home automation protocol throws the door wide

Three specifications of the Z-Wave home automation protocol are being released to the public domain to help 'democratize the smart home space.' But is it too little too late? Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Jul 21, 2016

BT broadband users hit by second UK-wide outage in two days

Power supply issues at Docklands datacentre could be behind loss of internet access for more than 5,500 BT broadband users Continue Reading