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By Antony Savvas Jun 19, 2008


By Tash Shifrin Aug 07, 2006

World wide web is 15 years old

The world wide web has quietly passed its 15th anniversary. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Apr 25, 2002

European firms are wide open to hackers

Companies throughout Europe's business capitals are leaving their wireless networks wide open to electronic eavesdroppers. Continue Reading


Sep 26, 2001

Intel names first company-wide CTO

Intel has named Patrick Gelsinger as its first company-wide chief technology officer. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Evaluate Apr 30, 2012

Achieving application visibility through wide area network visibility

To achieve application visibility across a WAN, an enterprise needs overall wide area network visibility. Continue Reading


Mar 21, 2002

EMC sends WideSky to developers

Storage giant EMC yesterday announced the availability of a developer's suite for its WideSky middleware, marking another stage... Continue Reading

News Aug 14, 2007

Telstra adopts enterprise-wide security framework

Telstra's Principal Security Consultant Keith price explains how the company has developed an enterprise-wide security framework. Continue Reading


By Greg Schulz Manage Jul 25, 2013

Wide area network resiliency best practices

Learn about network resiliency best practices to keep your wide area network (WAN) services running during technical difficulties and outages. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Sep 15, 2005

BT launches London-wide metro ethernet

BT has launched a London-wide metro Ethernet network to allow companies to link their sites together using familiar Ethernet technology. Continue Reading


Dec 13, 2006

Vista ‘wide open’ to malware attacks

A recent report by Sophos claimed that the new Windows Vista operating system is wide open to nearly 40% of the malware currently circulating. Continue Reading