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By Antone Gonsalves News Jul 14, 2015

Extreme adds muscle to Wi-Fi appliances

Extreme Networks introduces Wi-Fi appliances that can manage considerably more access points than previous versions. Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby Jun 17, 2015

Worldwide demand for WIFI presents channel opportunities

With the amount of data over wifi networks surging it means there will be chances for the channel to pitch services around the technology Continue Reading


By Gina Narcisi News Jun 16, 2015

BYOD, MDM streamlined with Xirrus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi vendor Xirrus introduces EasyPass, a set of cloud-based Wi-Fi security services for enterprise customers. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Aug 10, 2015

iPass expands worldwide Wi-Fi offering with 20 million more hotspots

Wireless network aggregator iPass signs an agreement with competitor Devicescape to offer even more widespread internet access to customers Continue Reading


By James Maimonis News Jul 22, 2015

News recap: Wi-Fi Aware to connect nearby smartphones

New Wi-Fi Aware will enable smartphones within close proximity to communicate with each other; a new program will provide Internet access to public housing residents. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Apr 27, 2015

HP modular switch prepped for faster Wi-Fi

HP's latest module for the HP 5400R zl2 ensures the hardware can handle the throughput from 802.11ac access points. The HP modular switch competes with the Cisco Catalyst. Continue Reading


By James Maimonis News Jul 15, 2015

IEEE group advocates random MAC addresses for Wi-Fi security

An IEEE group advocates random MAC addresses for increased Wi-Fi security, while networking pros say enterprise security isn't strong enough for moving applications to the cloud. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell Problem Solve Apr 24, 2015

What are the challenges of deploying UC apps over Wi-Fi?

What are the challenges in using UC apps over Wi-Fi? UC expert Michael Finneran explains the network issues caused by deploying UC over Wi-Fi and how they can be resolved. Continue Reading


Jul 03, 2015

Wi-Fi enhances guest experience and profitability for Belgian theme park

Bobbejaanland, one of the largest theme parks in Belgium, is using a Fortinet Wi-Fi network to offer visitors access on the go, and improve its management capabilities Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Apr 07, 2015

EE gears up for launch of Wi-Fi calling service

As network providers scramble to offload traffic onto small cell networks, EE launches the UK's first native Wi-Fi calling service Continue Reading