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Windows 10 for 2017

By Ed Tittel 29 Dec 2017

As Dickens said: "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." Windows 10 for 2017 was surely a mixed bag. Read More

Guard the line with Windows Defender features

By Ed Tittel 11 Jan 2018

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update took Windows 10 security up a notch by adding advanced features to Windows Defender, including Application Guard and Exploit Guard. Read More

What is the future of Windows Server?

By Tim Anderson 04 Oct 2017

At its annual Ignite event, Microsoft presented a number of features that give an insight into its strategy Read More

Windows administrators contend with call to the cloud

By Tom Walat 30 Nov 2017

Microsoft's rapid development pace in the cloud tempts more enterprises to pull the plug on on-premises systems, as Azure technology works its way into multiple offerings. Read More

Chocolatey Windows Package Manager

By Ed Tittel 29 Sep 2017

The Chocolatey Windows Package Manager works with PowerShell to provide hands-off installation of over 5,000 applications. Read More

Ready to master virtualization-based security in Windows 10?

By Eddie Lockhart 11 Jan 2018

Put your knowledge of virtualization-based security in Windows 10 on the line with this quiz covering the ins and outs of features such as Isolated User Mode and Device Guard. Read More