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Problem solve Feb 11, 2003


Jun 09, 2005

WLAN troubleshooting

Section 3 in our Wireless LAN Resource Guide covering WLAN troubleshooting. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 21, 2004

Signs of WLAN intrusion

In this tip, we discuss how to spot WLAN intrusions. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Manage Apr 01, 2003

Keeping WLANs safe with WLAN security tools

Check out a variety of seurity managers tools to help keep WLANs safe. Continue Reading

News Jul 21, 2009

WLAN Security Learning Guide

Discover how to secure wireless networks in our comprehensive guide to locking down your WLAN. Continue Reading

By Michael Brandenburg News Jun 07, 2010

WLAN standards update

Learn how 802.11n advances WLAN standards, and how security is one key area that continues to demand WLAN users' attention. Continue Reading

By Shamus McGillicuddy News Mar 24, 2010

Pimp your WLAN

Sometimes the appearance of WLAN access points can be as important the network's performance. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Problem solve Dec 02, 2009

Leveraging new WLAN standards

802.11n was finally ratified in September, and other new WLAN standards are enabling developments in enterprise voice, multimedia WLAN admission control, and wireless network management. WLAN solution providers can... Continue Reading


Sep 06, 2007

Understanding VoWLAN

Like VoIP, VoWLAN contributes to cost efficiency. Because calls can be routed over the data network internally or over the Internet externally, mobile telephony costs can be eliminated or decreased significantly. ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Sep 19, 2001

WLAN in, WEP out

802.11b-based wireless LANs (WLANs) haven't exactly been getting good press in recent months. Continue Reading