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workflow: Workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.

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By Maxine Giza Dec 16, 2014


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jun 26, 2014

How to build visual workflows in SharePoint

Editing workflows in SharePoint has become more intuitive, with Visio integration that makes it easier to alter the structure of business processes. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 25, 2014

Enterprise architect's guide to optimal BPM workflow

Learn how to maximize BPM workflow in this guide. Get advice from experts, plus a glossary of important terms. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Get Started Sep 17, 2014

Steps to construct APIs and workflows for mobile worker empowerment

Executives can't think of a mobile worker as simply one who doesn't sit in a cube. Rather, empowerment commences by assessing employee needs. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Sep 15, 2014

Manage cloud workflows with AWS Data Pipeline

The AWS Data Pipeline streamlines data between AWS data stores, enabling admins to define, schedule and debug workflows in the AWS cloud. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Aug 27, 2014

Consider performance, time to improve cloud workflow

Cloud computing can involve problems in the movement of information between application components, which can lead to degraded quality of experience. Architects should work on creating a concise cloud workflow. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Aug 08, 2014

How workflow automation tools trump human intervention

Workflow automation tools speed routine tasks and ensure that these tasks execute in a standardized, error-free way. But adopting an automation tool can add complexity and learning curves to the existing ... Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Jul 17, 2014

Workflow analysis key to successful cloud integration

To create a successful cloud integration strategy, architects first need to get serious about workflow analysis. Continue Reading


By Laura Aberle Evaluate Jun 25, 2014

SharePoint workflow management: The little engine that could?

SharePoint BPM may be overshadowed by other BPM platforms, but its workflow management can bring efficiencies at a lower cost than its rivals. Continue Reading


By Trevor Strome Get Started Jun 06, 2014

Workflow of data in healthcare: From requests to discovery, analysis

Providers must focus their analytics to tackle one question at a time, because of the massive amount of healthcare data our systems generate. Continue Reading