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workflow: Workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.

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By Tom Nolle Manage Aug 25, 2015

Understanding hybrid cloud workflow management

Working with hybrid clouds requires proper planning. Tom Nolle explains what cloud planners need to know about hybrid cloud integration and workflows. Continue Reading


By Brian Katz Evaluate May 08, 2015

Not all systems suit a mobile workflow

Not every aspect of your IT environment can or should be mobilized. Consider whether employees will get any use out of it before going mobile with a business process. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Aug 25, 2015

Evaluating a cloud computing SLA? Look at app workflows

Cloud expert Tom Nolle gives advice on evaluating a cloud computing SLA, including common mistakes, app and hybrid cloud workflow issues, response-time SLAs and more. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Jul 07, 2015

Using ChatOps to streamline DevOps workflow

Learn how ChatOps chat tools help software developers improve workflow, increase transparency and improve documentation. Continue Reading


By Niel Nickolaisen Evaluate Mar 26, 2015

Don't use a BPM system as a cover for bad workflows

The case for business process management tools is compelling, says SearchCIO columnist Niel Nickolaisen -- except when a BPM system is a dodge for the hard work of simplifying workflows. Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Jun 25, 2015

Deluxe OnDemand uses Scality Ring to streamline its media workflow

Deluxe OnDemand stores up to 2 PB on Scality Ring object storage to improve performance while saving millions in its video and audio workflow Continue Reading


By Maxine Giza Evaluate Dec 16, 2014


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jun 26, 2014

How to build visual workflows in SharePoint

Editing workflows in SharePoint has become more intuitive, with Visio integration that makes it easier to alter the structure of business processes. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 25, 2014

Enterprise architect's guide to optimal BPM workflow

Learn how to maximize BPM workflow in this guide. Get advice from experts, plus a glossary of important terms. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Get Started Sep 17, 2014

Steps to construct APIs and workflows for mobile worker empowerment

Executives can't think of a mobile worker as simply one who doesn't sit in a cube. Rather, empowerment commences by assessing employee needs. Continue Reading