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Workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.Read More

How to fit companion apps into the desktop workflow

By Robert Sheldon 17 Nov 2017

Organizations looking for increased work access should look at companion apps, which can integrate mobile flexibility with established desktop infrastructures. Read More

How value stream analysis unclogs DevOps workflows

By George Lawton 14 Dec 2017

Break through cloud DevOps workflow bottlenecks by following the value stream, not the yellow brick road. Find out how value stream analysis undams app development. Read More

AWS Step Functions visualizes distributed app workflows

By Chris Moyer 30 Nov 2017

With Step Functions, developers can visualize the complex, multistep tasks that their cloud applications perform. Use this example to create a state machine and get started. Read More

New Citrix ShareFile features automate workflows

By Alyssa Provazza 06 Nov 2017

Organizations that perform repetitious business tasks can benefit from Citrix ShareFile's workflow feature, which has seen numerous updates recently. Read More

Machine learning models require DevOps-style workflows

By Jack Vaughan 15 Jan 2018

Big data is driving the use of AI and machine learning. But teams must be swift to embrace DevOps and re-evaluate models, according to Wikibon's James Kobielus. Read More

GitHub’s Santa wishlist: secure infrastructure workflows & net neutrality

By Adrian Bridgwater 10 Dec 2017

It’s that ‘wonderful’ time of year, when people all across the land exchange presents, meal invitations and predictions for what the open source landscape might look like in the months ahead ... Read More

Five ways to effectively manage team DevOps workflows

By Chris Tozzi 28 Nov 2017

Go ahead and ask a boss. Managing people is harder than managing software. Thankfully, tools and strategies exist to optimize the DevOps workflow, including the DevOps team. Read More

Sapho mobile app development software helps simplify workflows

By Alyssa Provazza 14 Nov 2017

When corporate apps are slowing down workflows, it's time for an overhaul. One company used Sapho mobile app development software to build micro apps with simplified features. Read More

VMware bringing workflow app capabilities to Workspace One

By Colin Steele 01 Aug 2017

At VMworld, VMware will unveil a new feature to help IT build mobile interfaces for complex business tasks. These workflow apps aim to solve organizations' development challenges. Read More

Deploy patches safely and sanely in a CI/CD workflow

By Kurt Marko 18 May 2017

Enterprises engaged in a CI/CD workflow must patch systems and apps strategically. There are multiple technologies to consider, including immutable infrastructure and automation. Read More