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workflow: Workflow is the series of activities that are necessary to complete a task.

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By Irwin Lazar Evaluate May 20, 2016

CPaaS fuses communications apps with business workflows

Communications platform as a service, or CPaaS, can fortify business processes. But IT leaders need to educate internal developers on the availability of these emerging tools. Continue Reading


By Scott Wallask Get Started Apr 14, 2016

The secure virtual desktop streamlines clinical workflow

The technology behind secure desktop virtualization is a good fit for healthcare on a pair of important levels: Physicians get more time, and IT gets more control. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Apr 12, 2016

Application workflow is key to cloud management success

To build a solid cloud management strategy, take a closer look at your application workflow and select the right mix of tools. Continue Reading


By Irwin Lazar Manage Mar 04, 2016

Using APIs to integrate communication into business workflows

APIs can help enterprises embed communications into business workflows. This type of emerging UC integration is now more widely available and features rich capabilities. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Manage Jan 13, 2016

Scripting workflows with the VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Understanding the essential elements of how vRealize Orchestrator workflows work is just the first step to increasing functionality, simplicity and compartmentalization. Continue Reading


By David Carty Get Started Dec 07, 2015

Migration, workflow fluidity among hybrid cloud challenges

It's not easy to migrate data and apps in a hybrid cloud environment. Despite the challenges, the rewards are worth the effort for many businesses. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell Manage Nov 30, 2015


By Shaun Sutner News Nov 30, 2015

PatientKeeper software aims to simplify physician workflow

PatientKeeper, an EHR overlay software platform owned by hospital chain giant HCA, aims to simplify physician workflow and boost EHR usability for doctors. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Aug 25, 2015

Understanding hybrid cloud workflow management

Working with hybrid clouds requires proper planning. Tom Nolle explains what cloud planners need to know about hybrid cloud integration and workflows. Continue Reading


By Brian Katz Evaluate May 08, 2015

Not all systems suit a mobile workflow

Not every aspect of your IT environment can or should be mobilized. Consider whether employees will get any use out of it before going mobile with a business process. Continue Reading