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workload: In computing, the workload is the amount of processing that the computer has been given to do at a given...

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By Nick Martin News Sep 01, 2015


By Rajith Enchiparambil Get Started Oct 09, 2015

Heavy workloads get a boost with Azure Premium Storage

Microsoft says it has tailored Azure Premium Storage for organizations that need to run I/O intensive VMs in the cloud with extremely low latency. Continue Reading

Boost Virtual Performance

Sponsored Sep 24, 2015

Can Workload Consolidation and Performance Co-Exist?

While server virtualization has reduced the number of physical servers, most data centers are seeing growth in the number of storage systems that support those infrastructures. The reason for the increase in ... Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau News Sep 15, 2015


By Brien Posey Evaluate Jun 22, 2015

To virtualize or not: Workloads that should stay physical

While virtualization can bring many advantages, it may not be the right approach for every workload. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Jul 17, 2015

Plexxi aims low-latency switch at emerging workloads

Plexxi launched a low-latency switch that's suitable for high-frequency financial trading. The Switch 2 Series is also aimed at analytics applications and cloud data centers. Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Get Started Aug 31, 2015

Manage the Infrastructure

Sponsored Mar 18, 2015

Performance and Scalability for High-Availability Workloads

Today's workspace is a 24/7/365 operation—and there can simply be no exceptions. Find out how to get the high-availability performance that you require. Continue Reading


By Nick Martin Get Started May 29, 2015

How the flash storage revolution is affecting virtual workloads

A new generation of flash storage at more affordable prices is improving performance. Here are five quick tips to help you understand how to get the most for your money. Continue Reading


By Sander Van Vugt Get Started Apr 30, 2015

VMware Integrated OpenStack lifts workloads into cloud

OpenStack requires a significant investment of time and technical expertise to get running, leading to VMware's development of its own distribution. Continue Reading