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By Antony Savvas Nov 23, 2006

Robbers steal chips worth millions

Armed thieves have stolen computer chips worth millions of dollars from an air cargo terminal in Malaysia. Continue Reading


By David Minutella Manage Jan 12, 2006

Is the CCIE practice test worth taking?

Is the CCIE practice test worth taking? Continue Reading


By David Strom Problem Solve May 16, 2001

Internet file storage is worth the price

Strom Tip: Internet file storage is worth the price Continue Reading


News Jun 27, 2001

Certification: Is it worth the pain?

Professionals are no closer to answering the perennial question of whether certification is worth the money and time. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve May 08, 2005

Is an offline defragmentation really worth it?

This article explores when it's worth it to perform an offline defragmentation and when to leave well enough alone. Continue Reading


By Jon Reed Problem Solve Jul 23, 2007

Is SAP BW certification worth it?

I recently learned SAP BW 3.5 and I am planning on taking the certification test soon. I have no experience in BW. Is certification worth it? Continue Reading


By Michelle Davidson News Nov 12, 2007

Experience, skills worth more than certification

A person's experience, skills, overall education and personality are worth more than a piece of paper that says they passed a certification exam Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 17, 2010

Debate: Is VMware virtualization worth the cost?

Some say VMware virtualization costs too much and isn't worth it -- our expert says that if you need the advanced technologies VMware provides, the price isn't bad. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 28, 2008

Measuring customer worth in the financial services industry

Experts Peppers and Rogers discuss how some financial services companies are measuring and predicting customer worth. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 28, 2008

Customer worth and customer lifetime value: What's the difference?

Expert Martha Rogers defines customer worth and customer lifetime value and explains how they are different. Continue Reading