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By Ed Tittel Manage Feb 26, 2016

Windows Startup Cleanup Worth Doing

Over time Windows OSes can accumulate considerable cruft, including startup items. That's why the occasional startup cleanup is a good idea. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Evaluate Mar 30, 2016

Are Apple Watch business apps worth it?

Need to send an email, check your flight's status or get ready for a presentation? You can do it all on your smartwatch, thanks to a slew of Apple Watch business apps. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Oct 15, 2015

What's compliance worth to the business?

In part one of this blog post, we unpack the drivers behind the surge of demand on compliance investments and skilled staff, including new agencies that take a behavior-based approached to ... Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Get Started May 25, 2016

What do CISO training programs cover and are they worth it?

CISO training programs, like the Deloitte CISO Transition Lab, are available for those who are new to the role. Expert Mike O. Villegas explains what's covered in these programs. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Mar 10, 2016

Is Amazon WAF worth considering for enterprise cloud?

The new Amazon WAF offers firewall features for the cloud. Expert Dan Sullivan explains how Amazon WAF can be integrated in the enterprise cloud. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Apr 25, 2016

Two SharePoint 2016 features that may be worth the upgrade

Mobile and hybrid cloud support improvements in SharePoint 2016 may be worth putting an upgrade from SharePoint 2013 on the fast track. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran News Feb 01, 2016

A drone in the claw is worth two in the bush

The Dutch police has launched an initiative to target drones. We've some people use air rifles to shoot down drones. Now here's a totally natural alternative: a proper bird of prey who will happily ... Continue Reading


By Nick Buraglio Evaluate Jan 20, 2016

Deploying SDN for small business not yet worth it

SDN for small business: Does it make sense? Networking engineer Nick Buraglio says maybe someday, but we're not there yet. Continue Reading


By Alex DelVecchio News Dec 08, 2015

HIMSS Value Score to quantify worth of health IT

It's difficult to predict how adopting health IT will change an organization's productivity or quantify how well a technology measured up to its expectations. The Healthcare Information and ... Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Feb 24, 2016

The Met awards hosting and services contracts worth £250m to CSC

CSC will provide hosting and end-user services for the Metropolitan Police Service in two contracts worth £250m Continue Reading