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Evaluate Aug 01, 2016

CCIE exams: Still worth it?

Jedadiah Casey had been studying for the CCIE exams for months when he found himself asking whether the certification is even relevant in the SDN era. His answer: Absolutely. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Sep 28, 2016

5G worth more than €113bn per year to European economy

An EC-supported study conducted by InterDigital suggests investment in 5G could generate an annual benefit of €113bn by 2025 Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Manage Feb 26, 2016

Windows Startup Cleanup Worth Doing

Over time Windows OSes can accumulate considerable cruft, including startup items. That's why the occasional startup cleanup is a good idea. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Jul 25, 2016

Five reasons Windows 10 adoption is worth considering

A Windows 10 upgrade is not without potential pitfalls, but security enhancements, general improvements and new features such as Continuum make the move worthwhile. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Oct 15, 2015

What's compliance worth to the business?

In part one of this blog post, we unpack the drivers behind the surge of demand on compliance investments and skilled staff, including new agencies that take a behavior-based approached to ... Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Evaluate Mar 30, 2016

Are Apple Watch business apps worth it?

Need to send an email, check your flight's status or get ready for a presentation? You can do it all on your smartwatch, thanks to a slew of Apple Watch business apps. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna News Sep 20, 2016

HSBC, Yellow Dog, and TH March find worth in Oracle’s cloud technology

HSBC was among Oracle customers who attested to the value of Oracle’s march to the cloud at the second day of the supplier’s Open World 2016 conference in San Francisco. A couple of other British ... Continue Reading


By Philip Virgo News Jun 16, 2016

An effective cyber security skills partnership in worth more to London than either brexit or remain

The putative benefits or risks claimed by those lobbying for your vote next week are less than organised crime in looting from Londoners and London-based businesses, let alone the losses from the ... Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Mar 10, 2016

Is AWS WAF worth considering for enterprise cloud?

The new Amazon WAF offers firewall features for the cloud. Expert Dan Sullivan explains how Amazon WAF can be integrated in the enterprise cloud. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Jun 13, 2016

BT wins pan-London ICT framework contract worth up to £200m

BT will be the sole supplier for a pan-London procurement framework for ICT services, set up by three London councils Continue Reading