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By Mike Chapple Evaluate Jul 02, 2015

Is a data breach warranty worth the investment?

A data breach warranty may seem like a tempting way to survive a costly attack, but it may not be all it's hyped up to be. Expert Mike Chapple examines. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Apr 03, 2015

The IoT is worth $3 billion to IBM. What's it worth to CIOs?

IBM bets $3 billion on a dedicated IoT business group, but CIOs might want to hedge their bets on an IoT partner, says one analyst. Also in Searchlight: Silicon Valley execs rally against anti-LGBT laws; GitHub ... Continue Reading


Get Started Aug 01, 2014

Is cyberinsurance worth the risk?

Immature products and a lack of standardization raise critical questions about first-party risk and third-party liability. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 07, 2015

Over-the-top services worth $14bn to carriers by 2020

A study conducted by Juniper Research suggests that content paid for by carrier billing will be a lucrative money-spinner for communications providers Continue Reading


By Ed Scannell News Mar 30, 2015

Video remote support tool can be worth a thousand texts

TechWatch: Video may have killed the radio star, but it gives new life to next generation remote support tools such as LogMeIn's Rescue Lens. Continue Reading


Dec 19, 2014

The internet of things: a second digital revolution worth trillions

The government’s chief scientific adviser has released his long-awaited review on the internet of things Continue Reading


By Jonathan Hassell Evaluate Mar 20, 2015

Why the free Hyper-V Server may not be worth it

Boasting the ability to install easily and, perhaps even better, cost nothing, Hyper-V Server is a cost-effective option. Should you use it? Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 29, 2014

SAP HANA database shift worth the effort for manufacturer

Varian Medical Systems needed new hardware and meticulous planning to gain a 'phenomenal' performance boost from its migration to a HANA system. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Mar 17, 2015

IoE worth £100bn to UK startups over next decade, Cisco says

Cisco claims that the Internet of Everything could be worth £100bn to the UK startup community, with healthcare and retail sectors coming out on top Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Jun 16, 2014