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By David Essex News Sep 17, 2014

Infor outlines Infor Xi's vision for the cloud

Infor rolls out Infor Xi and four new cloud applications at Inforum 2014, but users are unsure how -- or whether -- to move off their ERPs. Continue Reading


Get Started Nov 14, 2007

Quiz: SAP XI for beginners

More and more people are realizing that SAP XI is a growing module with a significant shortage of consultants. Interested in starting your SAP career by becoming an SAP XI consultant? Start by taking this quiz that... Continue Reading


By Axel Angeli Problem Solve Aug 14, 2008

Which to learn first: XI, ABAP, or SD?

Which to learn first: XI, ABAP, or SD? Continue Reading


By Axel Angeli Problem Solve Jul 03, 2008

An ABAP user wants to learn XI

I am an ABAP user with almost two years of experience. I would like to be trained in the area of SAP XI. I have basic Java with web application knowledge. How is the XI market? What should I do? Continue Reading


By Axel Angeli Problem Solve Jan 26, 2007

File formats for SAP XI

Axel Angeli lists the three file formats in which SAP XI can receive info from third parties. Continue Reading


By Andre Truong Problem Solve Nov 29, 2006

ALE versus SAP XI

Find out what benefits SAP XI has over ALE and vice versa in this expert response by Andre Truong. Continue Reading


By Austin Sincock Problem Solve Oct 27, 2008

With Java development experience, should I go into SAP XI?

Are you a Java/J2EE developer interested in SAP? This expert tip lists the most relevant SAP modules and technologies for you. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 30, 2008

Is Netweaver EP/XI suitable for a software engineer

I was a software engineer for 2 years. I worked with Java, JSP, servlets etc. Presently I am in a non-IT field. I wish to switch to the IT field again but involving SAP this time. Do do you think Netweaver EP/XI ... Continue Reading


By Bert Vanstechelman Problem Solve Jul 07, 2005

A good resource for XI

Should XI be used to transport point-of-sale line items to the R/3 BW environment? In our situation it is currently about 10 million records per day, from hundreds of stores using FTP. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Jul 08, 2009

ITV switches channel from Apple Xsan to Nexsan SATABeast Xi

ITV switches from Apple Xsan to Nexsan SATABeast Xi with MAID technology to improve data storage needs, as well as space, and power and cooling issues. Continue Reading