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By Dave Raffo News Sep 17, 2014

NetApp makes single-node FlashRay systems available

NetApp says select customers can buy its FlashRay all-flash array, which includes inline dedupe and compression but is still a one-node configuration. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Feb 20, 2014

NetApp customers still waiting for FlashRay

NetApp this week delivered a new enterprise array, storage virtualization software and clustered Data Ontap -- but still no FlashRay all-flash array. Continue Reading


By Carol Sliwa Evaluate May 27, 2014

NetApp has one all-flash array with mainstream FlashRay on the way

NetApp still hasn't delivered FlashRay -- its flagship all-flash array -- but has two EF all-flash models for high performance. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Feb 19, 2013

NetApp flash strategy unveiled, including FlashRay all-SSD system

NetApp flash strategy includes a FlashRay all-SSD system built from the ground up and another based on its E-Series platform. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jun 17, 2014

NetApp upgrades high, low and all-flash FAS array systems

Along with new 'extreme' high-end and entry-level FAS arrays, NetApp adds all-flash FAS array systems -- but still no FlashRay. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Jan 28, 2015

NetApp adds EF560 and E5600 all-flash and hybrid flash arrays

NetApp adds boosted IOPS in all-flash EF560 plus hybrid flash and HDD products in E5600 series, expanding capacity in the midrange Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Jan 28, 2015

NetApp E Series 'performance' flash array platform gets an upgrade

The NetApp E Series now includes EF560 all-flash with 1.6 TB to speed database workloads, while the E5600 hybrid system scales to 2.3 PB of flash and hard-disk drive storage. Continue Reading


Nov 19, 2014

NetApp: Hybrid cloud storage is a big deal; flash is not

At its Berlin Insight event, NetApp says hybrid cloud is the big storage story, with flash set to disappear from prominence Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Jan 02, 2014

Flash storage second wave to hit in 2014

2013 saw flash storage hit the mainstream with suppliers racing to get a toe in the water. But, 2014 will see the second wave, with products competing to add advanced features Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Feb 19, 2013

NetApp launches first all-flash array and new operating system

NetApp dips its toe in the all-flash array market with adapted E-Series, announces a ‘new’ OS and revamps high-end FAS6200 arrays with flash options rather than default Continue Reading