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  • April 21, 2017 21 Apr'17

    Beware the AI black box

    A guest blog by Matt Jones, Analytics Strategist at Tessella  Big tech vendors have been piling into analytics and now AI. IBM’s Watson has been charming the media with disease diagnosis and ...

  • April 19, 2017 19 Apr'17

    How data science and AI can coexist in enterprises

    To get the most value from investments in advanced analytics techniques, like artificial intelligence and data science, businesses must embrace a specific mindset.

  • April 10, 2017 10 Apr'17

    Will you trust a machine?

    In the science fiction drama series Humans, Laura feels displaced by Anita, a humanoid robot known as a synth that was bought by her husband to help with the household chores. Imbued with ...

  • April 05, 2017 05 Apr'17

    Chatbot development tools become a key for Oracle's App Dev platform

    Oracle takes a 'why not us' approach to wooing developers to its cloud platform with new tools for building chatbot-based applications -- Oracle databases not required.

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  • BPMS tools as hub of software development architecture

    A business process management suite can deliver speed, flexibility and cost savings to a software development environment. For the greatest return, make the BPMS the focal point. Continue Reading

  • IoT data fundamentals: Relating what we've learned to IoT

    There's a lot of pre-IoT era research on data, information and wisdom. It's worth revisiting the data fundamentals we've learned in context of the IoT era. Continue Reading

  • Businesses find creative ways to maximize artificial intelligence apps

    Artificial intelligence is a grossly misunderstood technology, thanks to the sinister characters portrayed in science-fiction books and films as menacing robots and self-possessed toaster ovens. More recently, AI in its various forms -- machine learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing -- takes on a more practical tone.

    The cover story of April's Business Information on artificial intelligence apps explores how AI, ironically, makes human resources more human. AI embedded in talent management software allows HR departments to recruit, educate and retain their workers more effectively and efficiently. One program goes so far as to aid recruiters in rewriting job descriptions so they contain less gender-specific words and attract a larger pool of talent.

    In another article, we look at how those friendlier bot descendants known as chatbots are dramatically changing the way companies conduct sales and customer service. We also examine the inherent moral and ethical issues that can arise when humans unknowingly interact with nonhumans. Although some parts of the consumer industry are adept at using artificial intelligence apps practically and profitably, most businesses are slow to accept and implement AI. In another feature, we explore the many options available to businesses in their never-ending quest to mine valuable customer insights from big data and better understand how people think before they act.

    Also in this issue, we feature Watson, Einstein, Rachel, Gil, Alexa, Captcha tests and a college baseball star turned data science CEO, all within the ever-broadening shadows of artificial intelligence and analytics.

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  • Preventing bot brawls in the connected home

    Bots can help companies apply ambient computing to smart devices, but before doing so the issue of bot brawls must be solved. Continue Reading

  • The future of the IoT-enabled smart home

    The IoT-enabled smart home of the future will use machine learning and artificial intelligence to run the dishwasher -- and end domestic violence. Continue Reading

  • Machine learning in security explodes: Does it work?

    Machine learning in security is continuing to advance, and many companies now claim to have introduced artificial intelligence techniques into their platforms. With the high volume of data that most security teams have to prioritize, machine learning in security technology is increasingly being adopted as a way to reduce the noise that traditional security products produce.

    Smaller companies, such as Keen Footwear, have turned to threat platforms that incorporate machine learning and AI techniques -- and soon automated defense -- to solve a variety of problems. "I don't need to go hire someone dedicated to security," said Clark Flannery, director of IT at Keen's headquarters in Portland, Ore. "It just feels like a whole team back there -- who are way more qualified than [staff] I would be able to pay."

    With security professionals in short supply, companies like Keen are relying on these technologies to make it easier to spot and respond to attacks. While machine learning and artificial intelligence are often used interchangeably, the concepts are different. In this issue of Information Security magazine, we discuss the nuances and dive into the current state of the technology. Machine learning in security offers information security analysts more depth of knowledge, helping to detect patterns and related analysis they may not otherwise have known about.

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