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  • June 21, 2017 21 Jun'17

    Why you should watch 'Planet of the Apps' at least once

    Reality TV meets legit software developers and celebrities in Apple's new 'Planet of the Apps.' TechTarget application development editors tuned in, and these are their reviews.

  • March 10, 2017 10 Mar'17

    The future of mobility includes 5G, connected cars, AR and VR

    The next few years will see 5G networks, connected cars, AR and VR colliding with IoT. Experts discussed this future of mobility at the IDC Directions conference.

  • March 02, 2017 02 Mar'17

    The connected stadium: If you build it, they will come

    In the next-generation sports venue, the home team's stadium network can serve as a strategic resource, driving fan engagement, concession sales and more.

  • March 02, 2017 02 Mar'17

    With new IEEE Ethernet standard, old cables learn new tricks

    The new IEEE Ethernet standard offers some much-needed flexibility for network managers trying to keep up with skyrocketing bandwidth demand while working under long refresh cycles that prevent frequent rip-and-replace upgrades. With 802.3bz, or NBASE-T, switches, such organizations can give their existing CAT5e and CAT6 cables a shot in the proverbial arm, raising bandwidth from 1 Gbps to 2.5 or 5 Gbps. The IEEE Ethernet standard also allows for a degree of "futureproofing," letting network managers scale their bandwidth as the need for it grows. This edition of Network Evolution examines these and other use cases for the new IEEE Ethernet standard, with on-the-ground stories from early adopters. We also explore the factors preventing some network managers from embracing NBASE-T quite yet.

    Also in this issue, we look at the rising popularity of managed network services, from security to software-defined WAN. We'll tell you what you should know before subscribing.

    And finally, find out how cutting-edge technology is transforming the sports venue into a major home-field advantage. In the age of Pokémon GO and Snapchat, the stadium network is the new most valuable player.

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  • AR, VR tech poised to revolutionize digital business management

    We've all seen footage of astronauts being trained for space travel in virtual environments, and many of us were sucked into the augmented world of Pokémon Go when it debuted over the summer. It's the business world's turn to catch up now. Companies are using AR and VR tech to boost productivity, allow remote collaboration and improve training. But questions remain as to whether these technologies will provide real digital business management value to companies. We try to help companies get out in front of the trend in this issue of CIO Decisions. That mission led us to talk to companies about their experiences implementing AR and VR technologies and their influence on digital business management. Elsewhere in this issue, representatives from the MIT Media Lab discuss whether autonomous machines can have morals, and the CIO of Oral Roberts University discusses how to overcome the "IKEA effect" on IT. Continue Reading

  • From blockchain to RPA: A look at cutting-edge tech and the enterprise

    Cutting-edge tech has become a competitive advantage. Here's four technologies that should be on your radar. Continue Reading

  • Patriots' digital transformation strategy taps mobile, social, AR

    Organizations from the New England Patriots to small municipalities are tapping mobility as a foundational technology for improving customer experience. Continue Reading

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  • Integrating hybrid systems? It's now a core IT service

    Most organizations today work in a hybrid infrastructure, with some applications running on-premises and others in the public cloud or running as software as a service. Because of the various components involved, the task of integrating these systems and their data has become more complex, requiring new sets of tools, greater resources and a good handle on data management. But some experts predict changes ahead for systems integration, such as cloud vendors and lines of business taking on more of the job. In this issue of CIO Decisions, we explore how integration work is evolving and how new tools are emerging to enable that shift.

    Also in this issue, we look at how a successful entrepreneur rebuilt his company's culture; explore how a tight CIO-CMO relationship is crucial to business success; dig deeper into PayPal's acquisition of a mobile payments startup; investigate the relevance of Generation Z to CIOs; and look into why augmentation could be a better strategy than computer automation. Continue Reading