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  • The CISO job seems to be finally getting the credit it's due

    The CISO job has risen from the trenches of the IT department to a seat at the C-suite decision-makers' table. But time in the spotlight comes with great risk and responsibilities. Continue Reading

  • The chief information security officer role grows in stature

    No longer do CISOs hunt for a seat at the decision-maker's table. But with increased recognition of their vital role comes vast responsibilities and need for a big skill set. Continue Reading

  • What does a CISO do now? It's a changing, increasingly vital role

    What does a CISO do in this day and age? The responsibilities of a chief information security officer, the senior executive responsible for an organization's information security program, are growing dramatically. Once relegated to the IT department -- if there was a designated corporate role at all -- the CISO is now often a member of the C-suite team, working alongside the CIO and others, formulating information security strategy and policy with an eye on both security and the business bottom line.

    As the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks expand and corporate liability grows -- threatening profits and displeasing shareholders -- CISOs are now tasked with making tough decisions on how tools, systems and training are best used to manage risk. This quarterly supplement to Information Security magazine looks at the state of the CISO role -- how it's changed, where it's heading and what it takes to become an effective CISO in terms of cybersecurity skills, staff support and education.

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  • The GDPR right to be forgotten: Don't forget it

    Nexsan's Gary Watson explains that the GDPR right to be forgotten will be an important piece of the compliance picture and means deleting data securely, completely and provably when customers ask for it. Continue Reading

  • Cloud access security brokers: Hard to tell what's real

    Most cloud access security brokers offer CISOs a way to set policy and gain better understanding of multiple cloud services and data in use across the enterprise. As CASBs have gained momentum in recent years, use cases for them have expanded. Do these tools fill the gaps around visibility and control of software as a service and other cloud services?

    Although cloud service visibility and data leak protection continue to be the biggest drivers, cloud access security brokers can do more than just help with your shadow IT problem and unsanctioned application activity in the cloud.

    Organizations are increasingly looking to use cloud access security brokers to identify anomalies in data movement between on-premises and cloud apps as well as multiple cloud services. Malware identification and encryption of data have become important. More enterprises are also beginning to use CASBs or similar intermediary security technologies to provide some level of security policy management for custom identity-as-a-service platforms.

    In this issue of Information Security magazine, we look at cloud access security brokers and the best ways to evaluate new models, such as infrastructure as a service and platform security.

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  • Experian's Tom King tackles role of CISO from the ground up

    An early career as a geologist helped the veteran financial services CISO thrive in the security field. The CISO role is now broader than technical functions, he says. Continue Reading

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