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  • Get the AWS skills you need this year

    It's not surprising that IT pros with AWS skills and certifications earn more in their jobs. But what specific skills lead to the biggest paychecks? Continue Reading

  • How do the Linux kernel memory protection features on Android work?

    Google has added Linux kernel memory protection and other security measures to the Android OS. Expert Michael Cobb explains how these features work to protect devices. Continue Reading

  • Trusted? Certificate authority risks and how to manage them

    Trusted certificate authorities are essential in today's business climate, but that doesn't mean they are easy to come by. Certificate authority risks are many, certainly, but this three-part technical guide is designed to make plain the challenges and then offer advice on how infosec pros can increase the security of trusted certificate authorities in their enterprise. It opens with a review of a recent study on expert perceptions of CA security risks and where the key dangers lie that could expose businesses to breaches. It explores the overall subject of increasing CA security but also delves into specific security concerns, including the security risks inherent in mobile certificates. Among the potential approaches to raising CA security examined in this publication are the advantages of SSL certificate subscription services.

    IT professionals who study this publication will gain a deeper insight into the nature of certificate authorities, when they can be trusted and how to tackle security weaknesses in them. Readers will also acquire essential knowledge of the latest tools and techniques to make CAs used in their enterprises as safe and secure as possible.

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