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  • Drone package delivery is realistic, not futuristic, thanks to fog computing

    Fog-based drone package delivery will extend the reach of delivery to inaccessible places and reduce the customer wait time between order and delivery. Continue Reading

  • When the big cloud infrastructure providers aren't the right fit

    When a business chooses one of the major providers for its cloud services, there shouldn't be a lot of surprises. You do your homework, consider the available services, select instance types, compare costs and then make a decision. At that point, you should know what you are getting. But what if you don't want what you're getting?

    There are scenarios where a business seeks out the services of one of the specialty cloud infrastructure providers. These niche providers compete against behemoths such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, but not by trying to match them service for service. Nor can they keep pace on price. Instead, these smaller providers focus on particular niches, trying to offer specialized services, customer care and flexibility that the hyperscale providers may struggle to furnish.

    The cover story for this issue of Modern Infrastructure delves into the reasons a business might choose a niche player instead of one of the major cloud infrastructure providers. TechTarget's Kristin Knapp reports on how these situations arise and how businesses respond. The right fit, she finds, might not always be found in one of the expected places.

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  • The true definition of cloud computing is still lost on some IT pros

    The misuse of the phrase 'cloud computing' has created misperceptions of the technology. Remember that the cloud isn't a location -- it's a more agile way to design IT services. Continue Reading

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  • Can EMM solve the IoT security puzzle?

    While IoT is more pervasive than enterprise mobility, IoT adoption could be made smoother if we take lessons learned from EMM principles and functions. Continue Reading

  • The security divide between on-premises and cloud infrastructures

    Fenwick & West LLP's IT services are delivered through a hybrid of on-premises, software-as-a-service and cloud infrastructures. "As we straddle the cloud and on premises, our security problems have just broadened," said CIO Matt Kesner.

    The Silicon Valley law firm's experience is typical of the growing number of companies that are running into legacy security obstacles as they move workloads to the cloud. Security technologies designed to protect enterprise applications and data on premises are often ill-suited for cloud infrastructures. We talked to security executives and analysts about what to consider when you're tasked with integrating legacy security systems with cloud services.

    Corporate boards must be ready to defend their fiduciary decisions, compliance actions and, perhaps soon, even cybersecurity preparedness. A growing number of companies are seeking cyber-savvy board members, but it's still far from a majority. Should companies add board members with cybersecurity or cyber-risk experience? We look at both sides of the debate.

    Western Union rolled out a strategy to help its workforce take advantage of cloud services. The program -- dubbed Western Union Information Security Enablement, or WISE -- involved bringing shadow IT into the light, approving cloud services for official use and adding the necessary controls and policies to secure cloud infrastructures. We catch up with the company's senior manager of information security to find out how it's going.

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  • Strides in SMB technology helping more Davids compete with Goliaths

    The cloud is making enterprise applications more accessible than ever for small businesses, while data technology is nourishing a new crop of startups. Continue Reading

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