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  • Hybrid cloud networking plays big role in development

    Multicloud and hybrid cloud networking are complex, but users prefer that complexity remain invisible. In this issue of Network Evolution, read how, now more than ever, network professionals need to understand their options when it comes to creating a hybrid cloud infrastructure to deliver workloads among public and private clouds.

    Eliminating the complexity in hybrid cloud networking is no small feat, as technologies continue to move toward ensuring that the user's experience with the network is simple and efficient. Network pros must become more than traditional network engineers and understand how emerging technologies like networking for multicloud access and increased user dependence on mobile devices affect their roles.

    Also in this edition, we explore how mobile device trends present networking challenges. Smartphones, tablets and other devices are increasingly used for a wide range of communications applications, from team collaboration to video conferencing. Unified communications vendors see a potential market for their UC-specific apps, but until they're as easy to use as the native apps prepackaged on a mobile device, the market for UC-specific platforms will build slowly.

    With mobile device trends and the need to access enterprise resources, application performance management (APM) is making network management more complex. This issue also addresses how enterprises need to develop best practices for integrating APM into their overall network management strategy, getting down to granular levels to identify which devices are connected and who is using them.

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  • Multicloud architecture takes hybrid cloud to new heights

    As hybrid cloud use takes hold, enterprises need to create a multicloud architecture that integrates different cloud platforms to seamlessly route data from one to another. Continue Reading

  • New tools aid cloud provisioning process, but issues remain

    Even with increased levels of automation, cloud provisioning gets complicated when multiple platforms are in use. A new wave of tools can help, but not necessarily out of the box. Continue Reading

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  • Overcome cloud integration challenges with the right strategies, tools

    Nimble, agile, innovative -- companies are striving for these qualities in the current "adapt or die" business landscape, and they're looking to the cloud to enable such growth. But with companies moving more of their ERP and other enterprise systems into the cloud, integration strategies such as the fast-growing integration platform as a service are an imperative. Here's another requirement for competitive advantage: a mature cloud-integration strategy. Unfortunately, according to many experts, too many companies are in reactive mode -- looking for the short-term gain -- and are failing to see that such a strategy will leave them unable to pounce on new business opportunities in the way smart, proactive companies with solid cloud integration strategies can.

    To help navigate this confusing landscape, this handbook takes a deep dive into cloud integration challenges -- including which tools can enable success, the importance of data integration and how to choose an integration partner. In the first feature, freelance writer Tony Kontzer examines cloud integration tools. In the second feature, Kontzer profiles two companies that turned to cloud integration tools to handle ERP integrations and the tricky process of consolidating data, and the lessons they gained from the experience. And in the third feature, consultant Dave Turbide shares advice on why a cloud integration partner is critical -- and how to choose the best one.

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  • When multi-SaaS integration is a repeat offender

    Have you found yourself having to integrate a dozen instances of the very same SaaS product -- none of which IT knew about? You're not alone. Continue Reading

  • Hybrid cloud integration issues solved

    When considering a migration to a hybrid cloud, watch out for obstacles such as cost and data latency. George Crump reviews common migration issues and explains how to overcome them. Continue Reading

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