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  • Words to go: Google cloud network services

    Without a solid network, cloud resources can't communicate like they need to. If you're a Google cloud user, know these options to keep those communication lines strong. Continue Reading

  • Managing access to keep privileged users' credentials secure

    Privilege creep is a constant threat. It's why privileged user management must be part of any comprehensive security plan and always at the top of an infosec pro's to-do list. Continue Reading

  • How to buy a content delivery network

    A CDN is a system of distributed servers that deliver Web pages and other types of content such as video to users based on their geographic location; this minimizes latency and eases the traffic load on the customer's network. CDN services are designed to help organizations manage and deliver all types of content to employees, customers, business partners and Internet users in general.

    Demand for fast, secure content delivery is on the rise for a number of reasons. With the ongoing growth of online content and the potential value this content can deliver to organizations, how IT executes corporate CDN strategy could have a huge impact on the success of the business.

    In this Buyer's Guide, readers will learn about the latest in content delivery networks (CDNs) and why they might wish to acquire one. It reviews the features available now from CDN providers. Reading this Buyer's Guide on CDNs will bring IT pros up to date on all aspects of CDN technology and provide guidance on how to evaluate vendor offerings and choose the best CDN for their enterprise.

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