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  • Data analytics strategies and tools incite positive customer journeys

    Once upon a time, marketing and sales departments considered customer data analytics capabilities a nice-to-have but not very well understood shiny new toy. That's all changed. Today's highly competitive marketplace demands that successful companies differentiate themselves from the pack in more complicated ways. Data analytics strategies are seen as the lifeblood of effective marketing and sales campaigns designed to not only identify, target and convert prospects into customers, but also ensure brand loyalty with superior service that enhances the customer experience.

    Miner Corp., a loading-dock services company, depends heavily on fulfilling its service-level agreements in a timely manner, yet the company's human-driven process of dispatching field service technicians was in disarray and compromising SLA requirements. By automating the dispatch process with an application that embeds customer service analytics into another application that manages customer data and services issues, Miner was able to shave significant time off each of about 300 daily service requests. "Today, we don't rely on tribal knowledge. It's all systematized," CIO Mirza Chughtai said.

    Also featured in this e-book chapter by Executive Editor Lauren Horwitz is travel website company TripAdvisor, which capitalized on customer data analytics by using several business intelligence tools to gain insight into its users and the pathways they choose while on the site. In the process of improving browsing efficiency and converting more user pathways into sales, TripAdvisor also managed to reduce worker headcount by 70%. "With automated tools, you need fewer people and you make the people you keep more productive," noted Eric York, who handles the company's revenue optimization.

    Yet, there are hurdles along the way to achieving a unified customer experience, especially as companies struggle with integrating incoming data from multiple communication channels. One analyst still sees most companies' attempts as trial-and-error. Find out how the data analytics strategies of Miner and TripAdvisor overcame those obstacles.

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  • Companies still struggle to unlock customer data analytics insight

    Companies today know they may relinquish their competitive edge without a customer data analytics strategy. Continue Reading

  • How customer analytics boosts the digital marketing experience

    Relios sells jewelry. But its customer base isn't monolithic, so it uses analytics tools to send the right message to the right people. Continue Reading

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