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  • single source of truth (SSOT)

    Single source of truth (SSOT) is a concept that an organization can apply as part of its information architecture to ensure that everyone in the organization uses the same data when making business decisions. The aim of adopting a SSOT is to provide employees with a federated view of data, which may also be referred to as a single version of the truth or golden record.Continue Reading

  • passenger name record (PNR)

    A passenger name record (PNR) is a collection of data pertaining to an individual air traveler or a group of individuals travelling together. Airlines use PNRs for management of customer data, security and customer valuation and may share that data with government agencies.Continue Reading

  • Monetizing customer usage data

    IoT creates a plethora of customer usage data; but how can it be monetized? Explore key factors to keep in mind when deploying a data monetization engine.Continue Reading

  • Intelligent use of big data fuels CRM opportunities

    Big data presents myriad challenges and benefits for CRM. Leveraging it can help companies achieve that elusive 360-degree customer view.Continue Reading