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  • The crucial steps to include in a VMware DR plan

    Establishing a DR plan for a VMware environment can be overwhelming. How do you design a plan that prioritizes VMs and manage your infrastructure to prevent failures? Continue Reading

  • Understand the benefits, limits of composable infrastructure

    Composable infrastructure leads the next stage of data center evolution, changing the way admins manage IT resources. But lock-in and other hurdles may hinder adoption -- for now. Continue Reading

  • Building interest in the software-defined data center architecture

    Software is now able to handle an increasing number of data center infrastructure management tasks, including storage and networking. But how far can this development extend? This three-part guide aims to answer that question.

    Here, experts examine the technologies that constitute a software-defined data center, or SDDC, and the benefits of such an arrangement. Fully implementing software-defined networking, software-defined storage and related technologies into the data center allows an organization to improve its IT operations.

    Still, the software-defined data center architecture raises challenging questions, including: Who manages the software-defined technologies? How do these products figure into the larger infrastructure? Will networking and storage professionals be relegated to managing hardware, while the server/virtualization admin takes over the role of provisioning VM storage and defining virtual networks? These are significant questions that an IT organization will need to work through before -- and while -- it conducts its SDDC planning. IT professionals see the availability of more and more software controls. But that doesn't mean they understand where those controls fit into the still somewhat vague concept of a software-defined data center.

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