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  • April 03, 2017 03 Apr'17

    Teradata Universe: It's time to 'instrument' the business

    Teradata has used its 2017 EMEA user, partner, customer, developer (and other-related practitioner) conference this week to explain how it now positions itself as a firm with a suite of data ...

  • March 08, 2017 08 Mar'17

    From ECM to EIM: the need for control

    Old-style enterprise content management is no longer fit for purpose. Organisations need to be able to manage far more than a subset of their information assets, and need to reach far beyond the ...

  • February 01, 2017 01 Feb'17

    Cloudera: we've seen the future... and it's mixed data workloads

    Cloudera is an interesting company. Interesting in that it bills itself as a data management, analytics and machine learning specialist... three 'disciplines' that one might have expected to find ...

  • January 27, 2017 27 Jan'17

    Amazon Cloud Directory adds and removes flexibility

    Amazon Cloud Directory brings a cloud-native approach to data management and moves away from traditional models, but it isn't without tradeoffs for enterprise IT.

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  • Data monetization strategies add new business opportunities, IT needs

    Most companies have data monetization opportunities they could exploit, experts say. But a clear strategy and long-term plan are crucial to getting the desired benefits. Continue Reading

  • Smart city tech needs a strong data architecture

    Before city CIOs begin to introduce smart city technology to city employees and to their constituents, they should make sure they've got the right data foundation in place. Jennifer Belissent, an ... Continue Reading

  • What to look for in a vendor neutral archive

    Vendor neutral archives (VNAs) continue to gain popularity in the healthcare industry, a byproduct of the need to share data among various medical imaging systems and other IT setups in hospitals. At its core, a VNA allows physicians and other providers to easily exchange clinical images, regardless of the imaging software or system in use. Various vendors sell VNAs, which puts pressure on hospital purchasing teams as they navigate through plans to install these systems.

    In this buyer's essentials guide, health IT professionals and others will learn 13 useful considerations to make before purchasing a VNA -- including important, often disregarded matters and obvious aspects that may require more details. Among the areas discussed are data migration between VNAs, information lifecycle management concerns and how VNAs can better work in tandem with picture archiving and communications systems. Continue Reading

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