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  • Big data makes data preparation steps more complicated to navigate

    The data preparation process is becoming harder to manage effectively, especially for big data analytics applications involving large amounts of data from a variety of sources. Continue Reading

  • Businesses find creative ways to maximize artificial intelligence apps

    Artificial intelligence is a grossly misunderstood technology, thanks to the sinister characters portrayed in science-fiction books and films as menacing robots and self-possessed toaster ovens. More recently, AI in its various forms -- machine learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing -- takes on a more practical tone.

    The cover story of April's Business Information on artificial intelligence apps explores how AI, ironically, makes human resources more human. AI embedded in talent management software allows HR departments to recruit, educate and retain their workers more effectively and efficiently. One program goes so far as to aid recruiters in rewriting job descriptions so they contain less gender-specific words and attract a larger pool of talent.

    In another article, we look at how those friendlier bot descendants known as chatbots are dramatically changing the way companies conduct sales and customer service. We also examine the inherent moral and ethical issues that can arise when humans unknowingly interact with nonhumans. Although some parts of the consumer industry are adept at using artificial intelligence apps practically and profitably, most businesses are slow to accept and implement AI. In another feature, we explore the many options available to businesses in their never-ending quest to mine valuable customer insights from big data and better understand how people think before they act.

    Also in this issue, we feature Watson, Einstein, Rachel, Gil, Alexa, Captcha tests and a college baseball star turned data science CEO, all within the ever-broadening shadows of artificial intelligence and analytics.

     Continue Reading

  • Why understanding data science and AI will change everything

    Everyone wants faster software development, but how to get there? Here's how Soasta evangelists are selling the world on data science one customer at a time. Continue Reading

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