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  • Four questions to ask before choosing virtual or web-based apps

    Picking between virtual or web-based apps is complex. It comes down to key factors such as what types of apps IT must deliver and what features users need to get their jobs done. Continue Reading

  • What's the deal with workspaces?

    There are plenty of words ingrained in today's culture that no one is exactly sure where they came from -- or in some cases, what they even mean: hipster, twerk, awesome-sauce. It's a common ... Continue Reading

  • How hyper-converged infrastructure platforms support VDI

    Converged infrastructure gives IT shops the opportunity to buy their entire hardware stack -- storage, networking, compute and server virtualization -- in one SKU. They can also add a software management layer and tightly integrate those components with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). These all-in-one HCI platforms are ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure for several reasons: They take the guesswork out of buying hardware, they’re scalable, and shops know the pieces will work together because they're all from the same vendor. But with that simplicity comes some necessary back-end changes.

    In traditional companies, disparate teams manage the facets that get packaged into HCI. But with the management interface inherent to HCI, the need for bodies in the IT shop is sometimes diminished. It takes fewer people to manage fewer parts. Companies considering deploying VDI on hyper-converged infrastructure must think about the personnel, expertise and management requirements that come with the pod-style platforms. In some cases, HCI will be a boon for businesses looking to deploy or improve desktop virtualization. In other cases, it's not the right tool for the job.

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